GIK University Is Taking All Preventive Measures To Curb COVID-19, Rector

GIK University of Engineering Sciences and Technology Topi, district Swabi has been very proactive from the very beginning in taking all precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus, said Engr. Jehangir Bashar, Rector of the Institute on Friday.

GIK University Is Taking All Preventive Measures To Curb COVID-19, Rector

Briefing media, he said that the advice of the Federal and provincial governments and health authorities, including World Health Organisation (WHO), is being followed in letter and spirit.

Flanked by academic staff, he said that social distancing, hand washing, avoidance of gatherings and the use of face masks and sanitizers are some of the preventive measures that have been extensively implemented.

All official meetings are online. Being a residential campus, the GIK University went even further by putting the campus in a self-imposed “lockout” for a limited period, he said, adding that movement of visitors and residents in and out of campus is allowed only in case of emergencies.

Temperature checks of all entrants are done at the main gate 24/7. Testing for the virus is done in cases recommended by the doctors.

With all these efforts, the Institute has managed to stay practically free of the virus which, according to the authorities, is on the decline anyway, he said.

The academic staff said that additional SOPs will be followed over the Eid holidays. Arrangements have been made for collective sacrifice off campus and residents/employees will not be allowed to bring in sacrificial animals.

Any suspicious case will be referred to the Medical Centre for a check-up and travel history.

The tests for the virus will be required of all those found vulnerable, followed by quarantine till the results are known, they said.

The Institute Management commended, and thanked, the campus residents for their understanding and cooperation in implementing the precautions, which is to the benefit of the entire community, they said.

They said that this has also given confidence to the Management and residents that it will be ready to receive the students in a less restrictive but safe environment when the Institute reopens on 21 September, 2020.

Originally published at Urdu point