PASTIC And BTBU, China Organizes China Pakistan Science Workshop

PASTIC in collaboration with BTBU, ZAST, and other Chinese scientific organizations arranges China Pakistan Science Workshop series for promotion of science and technology in Pakistan.

PASTIC And BTBU, China Organizes China Pakistan Science Workshop

Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center (PASTIC) in collaboration with Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU) organizes China Pakistan Science Workshop (I), Use of Artificial Intelligence Against COVID-19 through Zoom Meeting.

Objective of the workshop is to uplift the ability of Pakistani researchers, technologist, healthcare providers and engineers in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies to combat Coronavirus.

Talking on the occasion BTBU’s Vice President Zheng Wenhong mentioned that Pakistan is currently facing the dual impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic and the locust disaster, and it urgently needs the support of cutting-edge technology to solve the difficulties.

The Pakistan Science and Technology and Economic Research Center of Beijing Technology and Business University plays a pivotal role. With the support of the China Association for Science and Technology and the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, it invites well-known experts in related fields to provide professional and practical training for Pakistani science and technology workers.

It is hoped that the series of trainings held from July to August can promote bilateral scientific and technological exchanges and enhance the ability of scientific and technological workers from both sides to serve the society. Experts and scholars are welcome to visit Beijing Technology and Business University.

The Education Counselor of the Pakistani Embassy in China Mohammed Sulman worked with the Pakistani Embassy Epidemic Working Group in Wuhan for 55 days when the epidemic broke out at the beginning of the year. He has personal experience of China-Pakistan anti-epidemic cooperation. 

He said that China and Pakistan have a solid foundation for cooperation, and their cooperation in the fight against the epidemic has demonstrated their deep friendship. 

He stated, “I hope that more scientific and technological work and students can benefit from China-Pakistan cooperation in the future.”

The training received positive responses from Pakistani universities and scholars, and many applicants. “I believe that with the deepening of China-Pakistan scientific and technological cooperation, more scientific and technological workers will benefit from bilateral cooperation”, said by Dr Akram Sheikh, DG, PASTIC.

Professor Chen Wei, Deputy Dean of the School of Computer Science at Zhejiang University introduced data visualization and its application in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Professor Zhang Zike from the Alibaba Business School of Zhejiang Normal University introduced the application of big data and micro data in China’s fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

This training was supported by the Beijing Municipal Association for Science and Technology, International Science and Technology Organization Cooperation Platform Construction Project. The China International Science and Technology Exchange Center provided technical support and was held on the ZOOM platform.

More than 100 Pakistani science and technology personnel participated in the training. The opening ceremony was presided over by Di Yuna, Dean of the Department of International Business Management of the School of International Economics and Management.