Wheat Policy 2020-21 To Be Announced Immediately, Ministry Asks Sindh Govt

Ministry of National food Security and Research here on Tuesday urged the Provincial Governments of Sindh to announce its wheat policy 2020-21 in order to stabilize wheat demand and supply at affordable prices.

Wheat Policy 2020-21 To Be Announced Immediately, Ministry Asks Sindh Govt

According to an official in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Punjab Government had announced its wheat policy 2020 and started the grain supply to its flour mills consequently.

The release of wheat from public sector stocks had brought significant stability in prices of wheat and flour, besides discouraging the hoarding by smoothing the demand and supply of the commodity in the local markets, he added.

He further said that Chief Secretary Sindh was also apprised that price differentials with open boarders was making wheat gravitate towards Sindh due to higher flour prices, which was putting pressure on the stocks of Punjab and increase in price here as well.

The official said that it was also directed that government of Sindh shall finalize its wheat release policy to stabilize the prices that would also help in discouraging hoarding and smuggling.

However, he said that price differential was still existing and exerting pressure on wheat prices in Punjab, besides forcing the people of Sindh to pay substantially extra and exorbitant rate for flour.

He said that the significant price differential between the provinces in absence of any restrictions on inter provincial movement of wheat and atta points to hoarding and smuggling.

He further said any further delay to announce the wheat release policy by province would further accelerate wheat prices.

He said that the provincial government was also urged to take immediate and effected steps to curb the hoarding and smuggling and announce the wheat release policy for the province that would brought stability in price.

Originally published at Urdu point