The highest literacy rate in Pakistan has been achieved by two remote towns in District Pishin, Balochistan. The twin towns bordering Afghanistan, Balozai, and Khanozai have a total population of 20,500 people.

In these towns, there are 48 primary and secondary schools, 2 colleges, and a polytechnic institute. These towns are the most literate towns in the whole country.

Allama Abdul Ali Akhunzda largely known as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan of the Panezai tribe built the first school in the region over a century ago in 1905. This school was for both girls and boys to pursue education.

Because of the efforts of Akhunzada, children from this far-off land were able to not just attain education but have ensured that these towns become the most literate towns all across Pakistan.

The literacy rate in Balozai and Khanozai presently stands at 98%. This is more than the national and provincial average, as revealed by the District Education Officer (DEO) Pishin, Habib Alam Panezai.

For Balochistan, the literacy rate is only 44% while for Pakistan it is 70%. Allama Abdul Ali Akhunzda deserves the appreciation and all the credit for creating a culture of sending children to schools in these two towns.

Later on, the elders and religious leaders developed the Balozai Social Organization (BSO) in the 1930s. Since its development, BSO has urged parents to send their children to schools.