How To Find Every Mythic Tale In Ghost Of Tsushima For PS4

Here’s a detailed walkthrough detailing how to find and complete every Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima for PS4.

How To Find Every Mythic Tale In Ghost Of Tsushima For PS4

Warning: We’ve ensured that our guides contains minimal spoilers so you can still enjoy the game even if you need help finding and completing all the Mythic Tale. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, stop reading now and consult this walkthrough later when you want to find everything.

There are heaps of story-focused side-activities to do in Ghost of Tsushima. As you explore, you’ll discover what the game calls Mythic Tale of Tsushima, which are vignette-style side-missions that further flesh out the world and its inhabitants.

But there’s an additional type of side-mission known as Mythic Tale. Completing these extended quests can net you powerful weapons and techniques, further enhancing your ability to take on the Mongol invasion and numerous other threats causing chaos on the island.

It’s worth noting that there appears to be a predetermined number of missions you need to complete to unlock each Mythic Tale on the map, which proved difficult to track, given our impulse to be comprehensive across all aspects of the game.

But as long as you’re regularly completing story missions and other Tales of Tsushima, you should be able to find each Mythic Tale where we’ve detailed below. A good way to double-check is to visit towns after completing any story content to see if any NPCs might clue you in on their location. Regardless, you can find freely stumble upon them whenever just as soon as they’re available.

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Izuhara Region — Act 1

There are quite a few Mythic Tales in the first region of the game. The first is The Legend of Tadayori, and it should appear on the map after you’ve cleared one of the main story missions during Act 1. The rest should unlock over time as you dive into more story missions and Tales of Tsushima.

The Legend of Tadayori

After talking to Yamato, follow the Guiding Wind and head east of Archer’s Rise to find violet flowers leading up to a small hill called the Crown of Violets. Climb to the top and examine the altar at the top to find a painting leading you to the next location.

You’re looking for a mountain with a ton of purple flowers–head north to find it in Houren’s Pasture. Make your way to the base of the mountain, Tadayori’s Rest, where a shrine awaits, and you can slip through a hole in the cliff face to find the path inside.

Head into the middle of Tadayori’s Rest and look it over for supplies and other items, then investigate the altar at the far end. You’ll get pulled into a duel right afterward. Beating Kaeda isn’t particularly hard, as she has only a few unblockable strikes, and you should be able to parry her and win the fight pretty quickly. She’ll give you your next clue: Azamo Bay. Head south toward the town.

Ride south toward Azamo Bay and go up into the mountain just north of it until you see violet flowers. At the peak, you’ll find Mongols have imprisoned Yamato from whom you first got the mission. Kill them, but make sure they can’t execute their hostage.

We suggest sneaking up the hills first and assassinating the archers placed on each side and then doubling down on whoever is left.

After you talk to Yamato and get the armor of Tadayori, you’ll have to fight off another wave of Mongols. The armor increases your draw and reload speed, while increasing your total Concentration time. Headshots also restore more of your Concentration meter, ensuring that you’re always getting as much time as possible to line up shots. Use these perks to your advantage and take out the approaching attackers at a range if you can.

Once again, your primary goal is to stop the Mongols from killing Yamato. Once you’ve killed enough enemies, you’ll end the Tale and secure a moderate Legend increase.

The Heavenly Strike

Chat with Yamato and then follow the Guiding Wind to a bride where you’ll hear someone weeping. Hop down and chat to the woman under the bridge. Head across the river and back topside to find some horse tracks on the dirt path.

Follow them until you reach a Mongol camp and kill them all. Once that’s done, speak with the crouching villager and investigate the nearby watchtower to discover that you need to find a white-leafed tree.

Follow the path towards the Plum Blossom Shinto Shrine to the west and climb all the way up until you reach the shrine that gets you the Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi. Once you’ve got that, look to the right to find a mountain with that white-leafed tree you’re searching for. Jump over and then survey the area to find even more white-leafed trees.

Follow the path east, and you’ll hit a Mongol camp where they’re torturing a peasant. Clear the place out and free the unfortunate soul to get another clue about where you’re headed: a beach to the southeast. Continue over to the downed tree near Shigenori’s rest.

Cross over to find an area with a bunch of Mongols. Don’t worry; you can take them down pretty easily with stealth since they’re all facing away from you.

Once the coast is clear, you’ll be thrown into a boss fight against a ronin named Yasuhiro. He’s fast, but not too tough to deal with if you pay attention. He’ll try to hit you with Heavenly Strike pretty often, which is unblockable, so dodge clear and get in a couple of hits as he goes past.

The rest of his attacks are standard fare, and you can parry them for good damage, or try to stagger him with heavy attacks. The key is not to over-commit and to dodge clear when you need to heal.

Keep dodging his attacks and hammering away at him when the opportunity presents itself to stay ahead in the fight. When he takes enough damage, you learn the Heavenly Strike attack; use it to finish him off.

The Curse of Uchitsune

Listen to Yamato at Hiyoshi Springs and then follow the Guiding Wind to the blue flowers at the Hiyoshi coast. Head east from Hiyoshi Springs to find a cave you can enter–Uchitsune’s Tomb. Inside, you’ll find a painting pointing you to an island covered in blue flowers.

The island with blue flowers depicted in the painting is southeast of Castle Kaneda, so head north up the coastline until you spot it and swim over. You’ll get another painting inside, leading you back toward Hiyoshi Springs to find a mountain with blue flowers.

Fast travel back to Hiyoshi Springs and go due west head to find the mountain. Claim the longbow from the shrine you find there.

You’ll then face the mysterious Tengu Demon you’ve been encountering in a boss fight. He’s quick, but only his fast strike attack is especially worrisome. You should be able to parry him without much difficulty and dodge his kick attacks.

When he puts his hand on the hilt of his sword, get back and be prepared to dodge, as he’s about to come at you hard. If you’ve got Heavenly Strike, this is a great time to use it for quick damage.

Once the Tengu Demon is down, you’ll get Uchitsune’s Longbow, plus the ability to fire explosive arrows from it. And as expected, you’ll get a moderate Legend increase.

Toyotoma Region — Act 2

The Toyotoma region has only a few Mythic Tales, which are pretty readily accessible from the start of Act 2. You’ll also get some of the most powerful abilities and armor in the game in these particular Tales.

The Unbreakable Gosaku

Talk to Yamato, and he’ll tell you about a legendary armor set worn by a farmer named Gosaku. As soon as he finished recounting the tale, it becomes your mission to find Gosaku’s armor. To do so, you’ll need to obtain special keys kept at six different farms on the island.

It sounds easy enough, but with the Mongols having taken over all the farms in the area, you’ll need first to liberate them before you can get your hands on any of their keys. The farms you need to free are marked on the map after initiating the Mythic Tale, so you don’t need trouble yourself having to find them all yourself.

An interesting part about this Mythic Tale is that you can stumble upon the keys it asks you to get without having to talk to Yamato. Still, if you want to get to Gosaku’s Armor at the end, you’ll need to chat with him first.

Once you’ve painstakingly recovered all the keys, go to the Togo Rice Fields in the southern section of the Toyotoma region. Head east to find the hilltop where Gosaku’s armor is hidden.

There are several Mongols guarding the entrance, but you can easily snipe them with your bow if you want to avoid a bigger engagement. Once you’re done with them, enter the hill through the locked door at its base and climb to the top to retrieve the armor. You also get a minor Legend increase for your trouble.

The Six Blades of Kojiro

You’ll find Yamato hanging out around Lady Sanjo’s place on the first floor in Umugi Cove. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you about the six ronin who are hunting you down.

Their leader Kojiro intends to kill you himself but he’s trying to lure you out by having his five cronies commit atrocities around the island so they can challenge you to individual duels at designated spots. All this to prepare to make sure you’re worthy of fighting him. Sheesh.

Like The Unbreakable Gosaku, you need to clear through key objectives scattered throughout the map before unlocking the way to the end of the Tale. It’s just that instead of liberating Mongol-occupied territory for keys, you’re fighting in some intense duels. Fortunately, all the dueling spots are marked on the map, so you need only travel to them and get them over with.

While the five ronin you duel each have unique attacks, the actual fights against them don’t demand too much difference in strategy. The key to overcoming each one is keeping your distance, dodging at the right time, and adequately counterattacking.

Try not to get greedy when you do retaliate, focusing instead on slashing around two-to-three times before backing off–though if you manage to stagger them successfully, definitely take that time to unleash on them. Heavenly Strike comes in handy here during more desperate moments, and if you have it, the Dance of Wrath is another powerful attack that helps.

Though if you haven’t unlocked that yet, be sure to consult our Mythic Tale walkthrough of The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance below.

With all five ronin defeated, return to Umugi Cove to chat with Yamato, who tells you that Kojiro awaits at the Omi monastery northwest of Lucky Genzo’s Inn. When you arrive, follow the Guiding Wind to small mountain near the water, where there’s an opening you can squeeze through.

Inside you’ll find the treacherous Kojiro. Immediately prepare yourself for him because he’s quite aggressive, coming at you with a flurry of attacks. As such, the key is parrying during the attacks you can guard against at the right time.

He may be a bit overwhelming at first, but like all ronin, all it comes down to is remaining conservative with your attacks and properly timing your parry against his quick attacks. Once Kojiro is defeated, you get his sweet Kensei Armor and a moderate increase to your Legend.

The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance

Find Yamato just west of Rebel’s Stand. When you’ve heard the story, head into Old Yarikawa and look for billowing white smoke, in the northwest section of the town, near the river. Once you read the scroll, you get another hint: the Spirit of Yarikawa is being entreated to attack the Mongols camped along the river.

Up ahead, you should see fire and embers highlighting where you need to go. When you get to the camp, release the peasant from the cage to get some more information.

The next shrine is south of Old Yarikawa, near the survivor camp at the bend in the river. Speak to the survivors at the camp to find out more. Now head to the middle of Old Yarikawa, east of the survivor camp, to find another shrine. You’ll hear a battle when you approach it. Head west to catch a glimpse of the Spirit; get on the roof of the nearby house to get inside and investigate.

Your next shrine is due north. It’ll send you to the Garden of the Gods, at the south end of Old Yarikawa. While you can talk to some peasants to get information about where to go, look to the smoke and fireflies for a bigger hint. Find the shrine in the garden and grab it.

This triggers a duel with the Spirit of Yarikawa. She’s not too tough, mostly using techniques you’ve probably seen from other ronin. With the skill tree technique to deflect unblockable sword attacks, the Spirit shouldn’t have much of anything you can’t parry, so deflect to make some opportunities.

It’s best to try to parry her early in a combo to break up her ability to attack. After a few rounds, you’ll learn the Dance of Wrath to use against her. Unleash it to finish her off and complete the Tale.

Kamigata Region — Act 3

There is a single Mythic Tale in the Kamigata region, and you can easily find it as soon as you unlock access to Jogaku Temple during Act 3.

The Undying Flame

Head to the base of Mount Jogaku to hear the story of the Undying Flame from Yamato. Once you do, you can start the ascent–but note that, unlike your other climbs, you’ll have to deal with fighting the cold during this one. That means you’ll need to make your way from bonfire to bonfire in order to warm Jin up, lest he succumbs and freezes to death. Head to the first fire and look across the bridge to plot your course to the next one.

The trick here is to always have your next fire in mind before you set out and to double back when you get too cold if it seems like you won’t make it.

The climb up Mount Jogaku also has dogs positioned along the way that’ll attack you. It’s usually best to scope them out and then return to your last fire to deal with them from a distance with arrows. You don’t want them tying you up out in the cold where you can freeze.

Keep moving until you have to jump a gap with the iron hook. From there, climb up the cliff to the next fire. Ahead are a bunch of dogs, so try to draw them to you before heading out–you’ll need to kill about four of them before the next fire.

You won’t be able to see this one clearly until you get to it, either, so follow the path forward and look for a place where you can climb to your next resting point.

After you reach the fire with the samurai, the path continues to the left–head for the rocks ahead with the fallen tree trunk at the top. Climb up and cross the tree, then look for a spot where you can throw the iron hook to the left and cross the gap. You won’t see the fire ahead; you’ll need to reach it and light it before you can warm back up, and you might take some damage in the meantime.

Next, continue forward and climb up to get to a slackline. Follow it to a jump with the iron hook, and then another jump to the left. You’ll need to make two swings to cross the gap fully and light the next fire.

This is the last leg. Run forward and use the iron hook to swing to some handholds in the wall. Climb up, but watch out for the bear who got hold of another unfortunate climber. At this point, jump the gap and just run for it to the dojo up ahead. To learn the Way of the Flame, you’ll have to duel Bettomaru, the samurai you find there.

Bettomaru’s form isn’t too tough during his normal attacks–the worst of it is a fast thrust he likes to pull that might catch you off-guard. When his sword is on fire, it’s a different story, because all his attacks become unblockable and they’ll ignite you if he lands one.

He’ll come at you with three- and four-strike combos, with the fourth strike being delayed to mess with your dodge timing. Instead of trying to stay close and dodge all his attacks, you’re better off just rolling away repeatedly to keep your distance. You might have an opening after his fourth strike to try to hit him, but you’re better off just parrying him when his flame goes out.

Midway through the fight, you’ll gain the ability to use the Way of the Flame yourself. When you do, your attacks become unblockable, giving you a chance to give Bettomaru back what he’s been dishing out.

Just be careful you don’t get caught by a fast thrust or attacks from his flaming sword, but if you have the opening, go nuts and hammer him until the fight is over. Since this is just training, you only need to knock out about two-thirds of Bettomaru’s health to win the duel and end the sequence.

Before you leave, climb to the second floor, go out the window to reach the roof, and snag a Sashimono Banner. Use the post at the back of the dojo, near the cliff, to quickly descend the mountain and meet up with Yamato. You’ll also get the Purity of War mask and Izanami’s Grief Sword Kit vanity items. Oh, and you probably guess: a moderate increase to your Legend!

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