Ethical Hackers of Pakistan hold a good name all over the globe and some of them ranked in the top 10 bug hunters too.

Technology has changed the traditional business, now all we have digital data rather than physical. Everything is moving to Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Cryptocurrency, and what not and with the rise of different technologies, the threat to data security would also continue to increase. The probability of data being compromised and exposed has also been raised exponentially.

There is no denying in the fact that Pakistan has a lot of potentials and it truly reflects on the youth.  Over the past decade, Pakistani researchers have been contributed to different fields of science and technology all over the world.

For the first time from the Pakistan Information security community, two researchers, Ibad Shah and Etizaz Mohsin have been called to the DEFCON the world biggest hackers convention, after the corresponding to a Call of Paper where they will be sharing their wisdom as a speaker to the Red Team Village at Defcon 28 conference.

DEF CON (Defense condition) founded by Jeff Moss is the hacker’s conference started in 1993 with around 100 of attendees, later become the largest and coolest hacking event on the planet with over thousands of attendees of students, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, researchers, employers with a mutual interest in cyber world and hacking.

Defcon has a handful of categories (known as villages) where professionals and researchers share their insight and talk about computers, hacking-related topics, cloud computing, cybersecurity challenges and trends, and much more. It provides a platform for all security enthusiasts and researchers to showcase new and innovative ideas and work.

Ibad and Etizaz are both information security researcher and professional red teamer and shares a deep interest in reverse engineering. Being a security enthusiast, both have spent many years in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

Ibad has been a helping hand to many companies in fixing analytical and critical vulnerabilities. These include names like Huawei, ZTE, DunkinDonut FourSquare, etc while Etizaz has also been honored as a speaker at several international conferences like BSides, LEHack, etc.

Defcon held every year in Las Vegas. It is not just a conference but more of a hacker’s fest where brightest and ruthless hackers from all over the globe gather once a year but due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic this time it is going to be held as a virtual conference from August 6, 2020, to August 9, 2020.

We congratulate and wish good luck to both Ibad and Etizaz on this breathtaking achievement. It is surely not easy to take place in such biggest event. They both are an inspiration to all of us with no doubts and we truly believe there are more hidden talent and obscure champions in Pakistan.

Author Bio:  About Farza Ashraf: Farza Ashraf is a passionate writer and owns a bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering. She is a writer by choice and loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on social issues as well.  You can track her on twitter “@iamfarzaashraf