Google Ads has added a bunch of features and announced a bunch of new features according to their announcement yesterday.


Google added image extensions beta program, a responsive search ad features to highlight your sales, promotions and shipping offerings, new creative layouts, automatically generated video ads, and updated dynamic ads, a new customer acquisition goal in Smart Shopping campaign settings and more.

Image Extensions Beta Program

You can now add high-quality, rich assets, so shoppers can quickly see products to consider and take action faster to your Google Ad. Using image extensions, you can upload relevant images or automatically curate them from your website with machine learning.

Responsive Search Ads

You can now dynamically highlight sales or time-sensitive deals with a countdown and get suggestions on how to promote online availability, shipping, and returns. Responsive search ads use machine learning to deliver relevant messages to potential customers. To help you engage consumers more effectively, Google is introducing new features to make responsive search ads even more relevant and easier to manage.

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