PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting ready to launch its eighth season, and now we know when the official Twitter account has announced that PUBG Season 8 begins July 22 on PC.


The announcement comes in the form of a video clip hinting at the visually updated Sanhok map, and the strong suggestion that Season 8 will be focused on jungle combat.

“For the Jungle you must wait, until it’s PUBG Season 8,” the tweet reads, slightly cryptically. However, it’s a pretty clear reference to Sanhok, and PUBG has been hinting for the past several weeks that the map will be getting a rework and visual update in the near future, as our friends at The Loadout have reported.

PUBG Seasons 7 was focused on the wintery island of Vikendi, and so season 8 shifting to the tropical climes of Sanhok for the rest of the summer is a nice bit of contrast. You can expect a new Survivor Pass, with plenty of new costumes and other cosmetics to unlock in the new battle pass tiers.

With the arrival of season 8, it’ll be important to brush up on your knowledge of PUBG weapons, and there’s also our PUBG guide to turn to if you need some pointers on getting started in battle royale games.

Hopefully, cheating will become less of an issue in Season 8, as PUBG has instituted a new ‘community anti-cheat initiative‘ through Discord.

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