Back in May, Huawei had lost its chip supply for TSMC due to new US sanctions. This ban shifted the possible new chip orders to other industry giants like MediaTek.

Which had reportedly received a large order from the Chinese tech giant for 5G chips. But now, a new report suggests that the US is trying to persuade the chipmaker to reduce its supply to Huawei.

According to a CSLA report, the US is trying to hamper Huawei’s operations again by hindering its chip supply. Furthermore, it is also being reported that Qualcomm might also be planning on supplying the smartphone manufacturer. Apparently, Qualcomm is currently in talks with the US government to attain a license to supply Huawei with its chips and may receive it as early as mid July.

Unfortunately, the news is still unconfirmed, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. When asked about this report, MediaTek denied being persuaded by the US and called the news groundless. Although, we will have to wait and see if Qualcomm is also stepping up to supply Huawei with 5G chips in the near future, but, that also depends on whether or not it receives a license from the US government.

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