WARZONE update removes 200 man Battle Royale mode

Infinity announced the new changes for Call of Duty Warzone. The patch removes Battle Royale 200 and has been replaced with other options.

WARZONE update removes 200 man Battle Royale mode

A new Call of Duty Warzone update has made a few adjustments to the game modes that players can choose from. According to Infinity Ward’s official Twitter account, the update has already been rolled out across all gaming platforms.

Battle Royale 200 removed

Warzone players couldn’t get more excited as a few game modes will be returning. Looking at the update, the developers have officially removed the Battle Royale 200. A few fan-favorites from the past will take over the removed mode.

Warzone has been the focus of recent updates because of multiple issues. As a result, the developers removed the 200-man battle royale. However, players will be happy to welcome the return of Battle Royale Quads and the Battle Royale Stimulus Trios modes.

Even though the update will be removing an amazing experience, the game mode got mixed reactions from fans. Most players considered the experimental mode to be a success. Meanwhile, others think that 200 players are just too much to deal with.

Return of Battle Royale Quads

Battle Royale Quads’ return to Warzone gives players a chance to display their prowess on the battlefield. Tactics and coordination should be implemented to achieve success, even if the mode has a lower player count.

Fewer enemies mean matches will end quickly. However, it also improves the chances of being outplayed in unexpected situations

Trios mode for Battle Royale Stimulus

Battle Royale Stimulus mode will now be able to host three-person teams. The mode aids in shaking up strategies and composition of each team.

A lot of players used the mode to test their abilities and prepare for the much larger battle royale challenge.

Bigger problems

Fans always cherished the consistent changes made in Warzone’s playlist modes. However, most think that the recent updates are just short term fixes to the game’s long term problems.

Call of Duty Warzone is infested with strategic issues such as snipers dominating the battlefield and games being won by players who get the most convenient building first.

Warzone’s Solo mode can either end too quickly or last longer than necessary, leaving most players to look for a balance between the two. Players can only hope that Infinity Ward will work on these problems to make the game more balanced for everyone.

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