Watch the Devolver Direct 2020 livestream here

2020 has taken away quite a bit in regards to major gatherings and in-person events. This includes E3, which was cancelled over coronavirus concerns.

Watch the Devolver Direct 2020 livestream here

In light of this, many companies have organized their own separate digital events. Among these are Devolver Digital. Turning heads and shocking everyone with a completely off the wall presentation at E3 2018, Devolver has announced that they’re bringing back their zany antics for a digital showing. The Devolver Direct 2020 will go down on July 11.

Watch the Devolver Direct stream here

The Devolver Direct 2020 showcase will be streamed live at 12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. ET on Devolver’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Or, if you’d like, you can stay right here and watch the stream using the embed below. In recent years, we’ve seen Devolver use their presentation for some hilarious skits and jabs at other big names around the industry, but also some awesome announcements for fun indie releases.

We’ve got little to no idea what Devolver Digital has up its sleeve for the Direct, which makes it all the more exciting. If nothing else, we can surely expect some bizarre imagery and skits, as well as some rad indie game announcements. Regardless, we here at Shacknews will be watching the Devolver Direct with baited breath, and will have the latest breaking news ready as it drops. Check out our coverage of the Direct’s original announcement, as well as our Devolver home page.

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