Fashionista Pakistan: First Al Fashion Based Platform

Fashionista is perhaps the best opportunity for all fashion lovers to get their desired dresses online among hundreds of brands available in Pakistan. 

Fashionista Pakistan: First Al Fashion Based Platform

The fashion industry of Pakistan is electronically emerging successfully, where the top and trendy fashion designers are seeking to meet the expectations of stylish fashion enthusiasts by offering them whimsical ensembles through their official websites.

The scope of electronic web pages is developing rapidly, and changing people’s mindsets to search and shop online.

It is expected that online e-commerce sales will grow up to 15 to 20% in the coming year as the people of Pakistan are attractive towards the mobilization shopping strategy where just by few clicks on their mobile screen can get them their desired product.

Hopefully, this platform will help to grow the e-commerce industry in Pakistan in upcoming years.

Pakistan is the 53rd largest market in e-commerce with revenue of US$2 Billion in 2019. In 2019 the Pakistani e-commerce market had contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 13% with an increase of 63% in Pakistan.

As marked for the latest 2020, the e-commerce market is going to hit more than $2 Billion in Pakistan, but due to pandemic, the growth has fluctuated. A considerable rise is expected in the e-commerce industry whereas, the fashion industry of Pakistan is tremendously gaining profits even in an epidemic due to the online delivery system, and fashion enthusiasts are excited by the new collections offered by Pakistani fashion brands

Fashionista is perhaps the best opportunity for all fashion lovers to get their desired dresses online among hundreds of brands available in Pakistan. This platform for online shopping seems to contribute to the e-commerce industry and to the GDP of Pakistan

The growth of e-commerce at an unprecedented rate in Pakistan provides mobilized shopping strategy. Through smartphones shopping can be done within few minutes. Online shopping rate in Pakistan is increasing expeditiously.

Fashionista by is a fashion platform newly launched in Pakistan, which has all the fashion brands available on it. It also provides convenience to fashion consumers to get their desire outfits through this platform.

Vogue ensembles offered by the expert designers are exorbitant and luxury, whereas formal, casual, occasional, or seasonal collections are available at economical prices, which could easily be searched through Fashionista.

Vivacious collections offered by the top or local brands of Pakistan are updated along with the designs and prices. Fashionista is a platform for meeting the needs of the fashion consumers who can find their desired dress in a very convenient way by comparing the prices of their desired festive ensemble with the attires of other competitive branded ensembles.

You can easily filter out the best by yourself, which is an exciting option to search your favorite outfit at affordable prices, and by this, you can save your precious time and efforts by not roaming in the malls for a single dress.

The most popular and top designers of Pakistani dresses are Maria.B, AsimJofa,etc and their collections could also be searched through this fantastic platform. In contrast, on the other hand, brand collections of Khaadi, Al-Karam, Almirah, Thredz, J., Nishat Linen, Rang Ja, Limelight, Gul Ahmed could also be searched or compared through this platform “Fashionista by”

Fashion consumers can get a massive benefit by searching a keyword on this platform to know the details of any of the items of any Pakistani brand.

2G, 3G or 4G is easily accessible to smartphone users in Pakistan so, if the consumer is doing shopping at the moment, they can just easily go to Fashionista and can check the price or any other attribute of any branded or local product in order to confirm the price which store retailer is offering at the moment.

Fashion enthusiasts are always eager to know about the new arrivals, sales, and the details related to the new latest collections of brands. All information is updated on Fashionista by, which could easily be searched through this platform.

It is the most convenient place to search the attire for any of the occasion or for formal or casual use where the party wear, ready to wear, unstitched, seasonal or occasional collections are offered. Voguish Pakistani dress replicas and master copies of several branded dresses are also offered by local retailers.

This could also be searched through this website and not only the dresses instead of any fashion related product for men, women, and kids.

Originally published at Ajj News