CanSino Biologics China and AJM Pharma Pakistan Joins Hands To Develop Covid-19 Vaccine

On July 6th, CEO of AJM Pharma, Adnan Hussain, signed an MoU with CanSino Biologics INC (CanSinoBIO), a China-based vaccine developer, to collaborate on a Covid-19 vaccine.

CanSino Biologics China and AJM Pharma Pakistan Joins Hands To Develop Covid-19 Vaccine

By Reuters

CanSino BIO drew high media attention by being the first company to enter into human trials for the COVID-19 vaccine.

A testament to successful clinical results, China’s government has given approval for CanSinoBIO’s Covid-19 vaccine to be used by their country’s military.

The Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a recent meet up in Munich, Germany where he acknowledged China’s effort to help protect not only its own people but also people from other countries in these testing times.

Tedros stated, “The WHO highly appreciates the tremendous efforts China has made to contain the pandemic”.

CanSinoBIO is an innovative biopharmaceutical company dedicated to exploring best solutions for the prevention of diseases through cutting edge research and development, advanced manufacturing and commercialisation of innovative vaccine products for human use worldwide.

CanSinoBIO is currently developing a number of vaccine candidates for various infectious disease areas, including one for the novel coronavirus.

They are in the global spotlight for their quick advancement towards the vaccine for Covid- 19. 

They were the first company to publish Covid-19 vaccine trial data, which showed the efficacy of their vaccine candidate. CanSinoBio’s vaccine has been highlighted in the media for reportedly showing signs of promise in both Phase I and Phase II of the clinical trial.

The biopharmaceutical company has out passed global competitors, becoming a forerunner in the race to develop a successful vaccine for Covid-19.

CanSinoBIO is committed to making high quality vaccines accessible to people all over the world in a bid to pursue health and give relief in times of disease outbreaks; in wake of this mission they have joined hands with AJM Pharma, Pakistan.

AJM Pharma, for over a decade, has been specialising in the marketing and distributing of life-saving therapies.

AJM Pharma has played a pivotal role in ensuring availability of high quality and affordable therapies in the segments of Oncology and Thalassemia in Pakistan.

Originally published at Dawn