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Modern children quickly learn technological innovations and various gadgets, sometimes even faster than adults. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult to buy a toy that would really be interesting and delight.

One of the best gifts in this case, which will allow you to have fun and have fun with your child in the fresh air, will be a quadcopter. In addition, a radio-controlled drone is also a useful toy that promotes the development of motor skills and cognitive abilities. And who knows, perhaps, with the help of such a simple device, you will develop his interest in aerial photography (photos and videos) for his whole life, which will develop into a real hobby. You can checkout top 10 drones under $200 for your child on trusted website.


The first thing that needs to be conveyed to the child is that the use of the copter requires observance of safety measures, since it can cause injury to it during operation. And to break a quadcopter with inept or careless use is not so difficult. Therefore, it is better to start with simple models and gradually switch to options with more complex controls.

The brand

The price of a quadcopter is directly proportional to its functionality and equipment. However, as already noted, you should not immediately choose advanced models, since the child must first learn to control the drone. And in the process of learning, “hard” landings can occur, often leading to breakdowns.

Inexpensive quadcopters with an optimal price / quality ratio and a more or less decent camera are produced by the famous brand. This manufacturer represents a wide range, including a number of interesting models that have received good reviews on the Internet.

Battery capacity

On average, budget models are designed for a flight duration of 7-15 minutes or more. This is quite enough at the beginning of training. And it’s never too late to bring up a sense of proportion in a child.

For a more detailed study of the basics of aerial photography, you can buy a quadcopter that can fly 30 minutes on a single charge.

Do I need a camera?

The presence of a camera is not a mandatory but desirable point, especially when it comes to middle-aged and older students. The camera draws children into the gameplay much more strongly, and the very ability to shoot a bird’s-eye video and conduct FPV shooting will not leave indifferent even parents!

Range of flight

It will be more difficult to control the aircraft at a great distance, so beginners should not buy models that can be controlled at a distance of more than 100 meters. For older children who already know how to fly a quadcopter, there are models with a range of up to 200 meters or more. Both the battery capacity and the power of the radio equipment affect the flight range. More powerful models are more expensive.

FPV shooting

In children and adolescents over 12 years of age, as well as adults, the most interesting will be shooting a video with a first-person view (FPV). The recording quality depends on the characteristics of the installed camera. It is desirable that she can record video in at least HD quality, so that the picture is relatively clear and stable.

In the compact models of the initial class, which fit in the palm of your hand, the simplest cameras are installed, so there’s no need to talk about any quality of video. For FPV mode, a standard action camera will be enough. High quality content can be removed in the presence of a camera with a motorized suspension, but the price tag for such “toys” increases many times, or even tens of times.

Extra features that make flying easier

Among the bells and whistles that facilitate the control of the drone in the air, the following functions can be distinguished:

  • Automatic take-off and landing (by pressing a single button);
  • Headless mode – makes flying easier for beginners. It is enough for the manager to concentrate on the flight direction of the device, and not on its orientation in space;
  • Retention of height – the gained height is saved and it does not need to be adjusted manually. Thus, you can focus on shooting and get clearer pictures. This reduces the risk of breaking the quadcopter to the ground;
  • Return home – If the copter or drone accidentally flies out of visibility, you can press one button and it will fly back to the take-off point using data from the built-in GPS module.

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