In mid March this year Samsung started to roll out a free Galaxy device sanitising service worldwide. It sounded a good idea as people could pop into their local Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store to get their smartphones sanitised, alongside accessories like smart watch or earbuds via a strong dose of ITFIT UV Steriliser, claimed to be fatal to bacteria, germs, and viruses.

However, Covid-19 has spread so rapidly and strongly that Samsung Service Centres around the world closed down in the lockdown, alongside most other non-essential shops you might have visited in towns and cities at the start of 2020.

At the time I pointed out that there were third party home UV phone sterilisers available via various retailers. These chemical-free device cleaners were quite numerous and available in the UK from as little as £20 inc delivery. Now Samsung has seen fit to promote its own ‘Designed for Samsung’ UV steriliser, and has started to sell it in Hong Kong.

Samsung’s partner device is called the ITFIT UV Steriliser with Wireless Charging. As per its name it is a dual-function device, offering a useful combo of cleansing and charging. Samsung says it has the capacity to fit large devices such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra (which measures 166.9 x 76 x 8.8mm, fact fans).

Device sterilisation takes 10 minutes, after you click the ITFIT’s solitary power button. The dual-lap UV cleaning system is claimed to kill 99 per cent of bacteria in that short time period. Samsung indicates that the UV lamp intelligently switches itself off after the sterilisation period, as users might leave the device wireless charging in this for hours.

The Samsung ITFIT uses the Qi wireless charging standard, so you aren’t tied to Galaxy device compatibility, in case you were worried. Of course you can shove other gadgets in like your Galaxy Buds, or things like spectacles or keys.

Other specs of the ITFIT include; dimensions of 228 x 133 x 49.5mm, weight of 369g, magnetic cover, and a free-angle hinge with rubber stopper.

As for availability and pricing, the ITFIT is definitely coming to Hong Kong, and it has been spotted for sale in Thailand for the equivalent of approx £41.

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