Now you can buy your Tesla Model 3 cheaper than ever, from 34,806 euros

Tesla Model 3, Tesla cars are very well-known vehicles in our country, but not as sold as other models because of its price and the problems that still today involves buying an electric car.

Now you can buy your Tesla Model 3 cheaper than ever, from 34,806 euros

However, the company may soon see a sales boost to power. qualify for aid from the Moves 2020 Plan.

Tesla Model 3, The Moves 2020 Plan brings with it succulent aid for the purchase of, among others, electric vehicles. In order to receive the State aid with the Moves 2020 Plan, as explained in Autobild, “As for discounts, the new Moves Plan sets two conditions by which the amount to be reduced from the official sale price is determined: electric autonomy and whether or not there will be scrapping of an old car. And the Tesla Model 3 fall within the requested technical requirements.

It is important that the company offers the 1,000 euros discount as it is a essential requirement for the driver to qualify for government aid which is not yet active, but can be requested Retroactive.

This circumstance causes the Tesla Model 3 to be cheaper than ever in our country. Depending on whether or not a vehicle with more than 7 years to scrap is delivered, the price changes. If done, the price would be € 34,806, and if not delivered € 36,306. Although VAT must be added to these amounts.

This discount is already in the purchase process, so is applicable right now. We will see at the end of the year if it really serves to increase the sales of the model.

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