July's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Are Coming for Your Career

Full moon, July is considered the peak of summer, the month in which we finally grow accustomed to the heat and lean into the lazy vibe of the season.

July's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Are Coming for Your Career

Traditionally, July’s full moon is believed to radiate this easy, celebratory energy, too. Often referred to as the Buck Moon, in honor of the growing period for male deer’s antlers, the July full moon has long been associated with kicking back and observing the cycles of nature.

So, it may come as a surprise when this month’s full moon on the 5th brings some less-than-sunny developments with it. It’ll occur in taskmaster Capricorn, a sign that demands self-discipline, maturity, and concentration — in other words, its influence doesn’t exactly gel with the hazy days of summer. Add to that the fact that a penumbral lunar eclipse will coincide with this conflicting full moon and we’d argue that the other spiritual nickname for July’s full moon, the Thunder Moon (named for the summer storms we usually see this time of year), is probably a more fitting name for it this year.The full moon in Capricorn stokes cold, hard ambition.

As a strong-willed earth sign ruled by fatherly Saturn, Capricorn is often painted as the corporate climber of the Zodiac. That characterization might not apply to every single Cap, but it reveals a pillar of Capricorn’s worldview: Progress, particularly the kind that ensures long-term stability, is of the utmost importance. On the 5th, we’ll receive this message loud and clear and, in turn, feel compelled to hunker down at work.

We’ll have to be careful that our ambitions don’t outpace our energy reserves during this period. Regaining some momentum to do our jobs well and effectively is one thing, but burning the midnight oil for no reason is another. That picture of long-term stability should feature financial and personal health, so feel free to attack your to-do list during the full moon, but make sure that there are a few self-maintenance items on it. (How many of your basic annual doctor’s appointments have you had so far this year?)

This full moon could also highlight any outstanding tasks or goals in your personal life. Again, don’t give into the temptation to scramble to reach a milestone that you don’t necessarily need to hit right now. Capricorn’s hard-working spirit can lead some to act with a false sense of urgency, which tends to fluster and overwhelm those around you and get you no closer to the dream you’re chasing.

Even if all is well at work and at home, keep in mind: There’s a chance that the full moon’s “thunder” will come from within.

The Thunder Moon and lunar eclipse may stir up an internal storm.

As we mentioned, Capricorn full moons reward acts of self-control, but this lunar phase and coinciding eclipse will likely dredge up memories of our shortcomings and past mistakes, which can easily lead us down a path toward self-flagellation. Resist the urge to beat yourself up over small missteps or minor distractions even if you realize that you’ve barely been working toward your goals, you’ve been doing your best. And that’s the sort of effort that this full moon truly values.

It’s simply a matter of tuning out the critical edge that comes with Capricorn energy and choosing, instead, to focus on this sign’s sense of independence. Lunar eclipses tend to occur when we need to be nudged to let go of something that’s holding us back. If you discover an old habit or worldview that’s been quietly detrimental to your progress, consider how you might begin to shed it in the next few weeks don’t waste time berating yourself for having taken that approach in the first place. This could even be an opportunity to reconsider what you think progress, in general, ought to look like for you.

This lunar event doesn’t have to wear you down.

However this full moon makes its way into your life, try to view it as an opportunity to challenge yourself on your own terms and see how you can emerge from it as an improved version of yourself. And, if you can pull yourself away from work for a second, try to actually celebrate all the challenges you’ve already overcome. This can be an extremely invigorating moment in an otherwise exhausting summer. Seek to learn from your past, apply those lessons to the present, and keep your gaze on the future. More than any other sign, Capricorn knows that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

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