How to Increase Mung Bean Yield and Cropping Area

Possible ways to increase area under Mung bean are inter-cropping with sugarcane crop, and sowing after harvesting of what.

How to Increase Mung Bean Yield and Cropping Area

Pulses are cost effective source of proteins and carbohydrates. These contains 20-25% proteins and carbohydrates. There is an important need to increase pulses yield and area under cultivation as country’s population increase rapidly day by day.

There are two possible ways to increase the area under mung bean:

  1. Through inter-cropping of mung in seasonal sugarcane crop
  2. Through sowing of mung soon after harvesting of wheat

Seed rate and time of sowing:

Use 6-8 kg per acre certified seed of mung bean in seasonal sugarcane. So that desirable plant population attain.

Seed inoculation:

Before sowing of seed, do its inoculation. By doing this, it enables the plant to fix more atmospheric nitrogen and produce maximum yield.

Method of sowing:

After giving first irrigation to sugarcane crop, level the upper surface of bed with the help of rotavator. Sow the two lines of mung bean at upper surface of bed and one line of mung bean between the rows of sugar cane through single row drill.

Methods of weeds eradication

Through hoeing:

First hoeing should be done 25-30 days after sowing and second hoeing done after first irrigation (35-45 days after sowing).

Through use of herbicides:

Use pre emergence herbicide Pendimethaline at the rate of 1 liter per acre. Use Licofene 300 ml per acre to control the broad leave weeds.

Insects/ pests:

Crop can be attacked by white fly, thrips, army boll worm and termites.

By Hira Fatima

I am doing M.Sc(Hons.)Agriculture- Agronomy.