Agriculture Sector Of Pakistan: Past, Present And Future

Agriculture sector of Pakistan is the backbone out of 80 Mha of the total land area, 22 Mha is being utilized for the agricultural production

Agriculture Sector Of Pakistan: Past, Present And Future

By Samreena and Hajra*

Agriculture is heavily contributing towards the economy of Pakistan. Water deficiency and drought conditions, long duration load shedding issue, poor extension services, absence of land reforms, lack of modern post-harvest technologies and disease outbreaks of poultry birds are some of the key issues that are playing a negative role in demotion of agricultural sector in Pakistan.

Pakistan is an agricultural based country and out of 80 Mha of the total
Land, 22 Mha is being utilized for the agricultural production. Significant increase in the cropping area has been observed over the last three decade as the cropping area increased from 16.62 Mha to 22.15 Mha during the period of 1971 to 2003 but due to rapid increase in the population, per capita land availability has drastically decreased.

Economy of the country is resting on the shoulders of agriculture sector. With a contribution of 21% in GDP and employment of more than 48.4% of the total working force, this sector is the biggest contributor in the economy of the country.


  • To ensure adequate production Availability of food for the population.
  • Provide livelihoods to people directly involved in the sector along with the value adding chain.
  •  Enhanced infrastructure.
  • Developed rural areas.
  • Provide facilities to farmers.


We have surveyed several research papers and compared different countries researches. In this we can compare the data of different years and come to the common ground of conclusion that what are the main problems of agriculture and how we solve these problems. The research is from agriculture university of Faisalabad and PMAS, Arid university of Multan.

 In these research papers we discussed about agriculture, the problems of agriculture and what are the main problems in this era, because is the agriculture is the backbone on the industry. To privatize this sector will help to solve many problems.

Result and Conclusion:

Pakistan is a agro based country and the problems related to the agriculture sector of Pakistan pose threats to the overall economy and the strategic situation. In long term context, the present situation is alarming because of the lack of interest of higher authorities towards this important sector.

There is no proper effective price policy adopting. Indirect access of farmers to the main market, electricity shortage as well as a big problem in agriculture. Adopting the practical suggestions given in the review will definitely increase the agricultural GDP.

Policy Recommendations:

  • To improve infrastructure.
  • Developed rural areas.
Presented by the authors to Ms. Urooj Aijaz, Faculty Department of H&SS; Bahria University Karachi for Issues in Pakistan Economy course.

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