Worms will be 25 years old this October,battle royale mode the beloved real-time strategy series having entertained generations of gamers with its multiplayer action and cheeky sense of humour.

To celebrate the anniversary a new game called Worms Rumble has been announced with a battle royale mode, which you might think would please fans. But it hasn’t, because the game is real-time. You have to admit it does seem to miss the whole point about Worms and would be like if they made the next Call Of Duty a turn-based strategy in the style of XCOM (although admittedly they did do that with Gears Of War). ADVERTISEMENT Top Articles by Metro Rapper Vanilla Ice hosting 4 July party in Texas despite coronavirus spike READ MORE SKIP AD Worms Rumble – it still looks the part in screenshots (pic: Team17) If it weren’t for the Worms name being attached though the game does look quite fun, with up to 32 players competing in 2D maps that look remarkably like Super Smash Bros. with guns. A lot of those guns are the same as the classic games, such as the holy hand grenade, banana bomb, sheep, and good old bazooka but, yeah… it ‘s not the same when you’re just running (crawling?) around like an action game. MORE: GAMING Marvel’s Iron Man VR review – the ultimate Tony Stark simulator Games Inbox: Does The Last Of Us Part 2 have the best graphics on PS4? Loot boxes are gambling says House of Lords, calls for regulation As well as battle royale modes for both solo and team players there’ll also be a deathmatch, for those that want to keep things simple. For anyone that wants the usual turn-based action though there’s nothing, with fans complaining that it’s ‘not Worms anymore’ and that it’s forgotten its ‘roots’. For some reason Worms Rumble is a PlayStation console exclusive and is currently only announced for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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