Gather around, Disney fans: Pyrex is selling its first ever, special edition Mickey Mouse glassware collection, and it’s likely to be your next Disney-inspired, must-have.

Starting today, the popular kitchenware brand is offering Mickey Mouse glass storage containers for a limited time. The round containers come individually in four cup sizes and in a six-piece set with two-cup, fur-cup, and seven-cup sizes. They’re available in four designs with vibrant colors including red, yellow, blue, and green. Each design shows the black and white OG version of the mouse in a different position, like sticking his tongue out or throwing up a peace sign, and a few words, like the character’s classic “oh boy!” catchphrase and “since 1928.” You can find the decorated containers on Pyrex’s website for $10 a piece or $30 for the set.


“Similar to Pyrex, Mickey Mouse is timeless and has spread joy to families for generations,” CEO of Corelle Brands Ben Gadbois said in a press release: “Collaborating with Disney allows us to bring one of the world’s most recognizable characters into the homes of all his fans, creating magical moments in the kitchen every day.”

There’s no doubt Disney fans of all ages will find these food storage containers fun to look at and eat out of. Considering Pyrex’s Star Wars glassware collection sold out super quickly, there’s no time to overthink it. Just go for it, and thank yourself later.

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