Commencement Of Final Term Exams Announced By International Islamic University

The International Islamic University announces Final Term exams for Spring 2020 semester to be scheduled from 10th August 2020.

Commencement Of Final Term Exams Announced By International Islamic University

The Competent Authority at International Islamic University, Islamabad has approved details procedure / SOPs regarding open book exams. Terminal examinations for Spring 2020 semester are scheduled to be held from 10th August 2020.

As per decision made by competent authority final term exams should be of 8 hours (max) including uploading time. The exam will held in morning from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and in evening from 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

The policy guidance issued by Higher Education Commission (HEC) narrates that the design of such exams is very different from the design of closed book tests. The underlying principle is that answering questions requires application of knowledge rather than recalling memorized information.

Moreover, while the test will be designed so that the student may access course materials (or possibly the web), special precautions will be needed to guard against (a) plagiarism and (b) un-permitted collaboration. Students must be warned against this. More instructions are available here.

Open-book exams allow you to take notes, texts or resource materials into an exam situation. Main purpose of this test is to find your Level of reasoning , diversity of information and power of knowledge.This type of examination is a better option for Universities in this condition of lockdown.

Online papers of different problems or questions can be uploaded to a relevant platform and then allow the students to re-uploaded after solving the questions within time limit.The questions should be of mix category, some questions of the relevant subject and others should be of general IQ level Problems.

Open-book exams test your ability to quickly find relevant information and then to understand, analyse, apply knowledge and think critically. Exams of this type don’t test your memory only but test also your ability to find and use information for problem solving, and to deliver well-structured and well-presented arguments and solutions.

The style of question depends on the Level of degree and subject. Probably the biggest misconception about open-book exams is that there is no need to study. You should study just as you would for any other exam.So that you would become able to apply it effectively.