Apple CEO Tim Cook said during WWDC that the company will release the first Apple silicon based Mac at the end of 2020.


However, the company did not reveal as to which Mac machine will first get the new chips or whether the company will release a completely new Mac product.

This year, Apple’s annual developers conference was held in a completely new online-only format. Every participant had the same experiences unlike previous years where only a select few get the chance to attend the event live and others have to resort to watching it on their devices.

Apple has been making chips for its iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs for years now. The company now also makes chips for the fairly recent Apple Watch and now Macs; looks like the list will continue to only grow moving forward.

Apple chips will definitely improve the Mac lineup in unimaginable ways. The first major takeaway of course is improved battery life and better thermal management. “We will maximize performance and battery life better than ever before,” said Apple’s SVP for hardware technologies Johny Srouji.

By also making the chips that power the operating system, Apple will now have much more control over the experience of its devices. We think that the company will now be able to create new form factor devices like the detachable and convertible Surface hardware. However, we also think that Apple’s implementation will be much better compared to Microsoft’s because of the tighter control Apple has over hardware and software.

Apple has said that the transition to ARM based chips (officially Apple Silicon) will take around two years. However, the company will continue to release both ARM based and Intel based Macs in the meantime.

We only know that Apple is scheduled to release an ARM based Mac at the end of 2020 but not whether it will be a MacBook or desktop like the iMac. We strongly believe that it will be a MacBook

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