After Huawei, US Anti-Trust Regulators Probes Apple Store fees and PoliciesBy Samantha Wiley

According to a report by Bloomberg, there is an ongoing inquiry into Apple Store Policies and the US antitrust regulators might have a look at the 30% cut that Apple takes from the in-app purchases.

After Huawei, US Anti-Trust Regulators Probes Apple Store fees and Policies

By Samantha Wiley

The lawyers have been meeting with the Apple developers and inquiring about the policies. Last week the lawyers asked the developers about Apple’s rules for the subscription. The meetings between the lawyers and the developers have been taking place now for several months.

Apple makes the developers use the App Store Payment system for the subscriptions. Apple cuts the fee when a customer subscribes to the developer’s services. The government officials have questioned the developers about the review process of Apple’s App Store.

According to the reports, the lawyers asked one developer if a 30% cut could solve the issue. The report says that the developer replied that the issue was not the cut, it was Apple not allowing them to use any other payment system besides their own.

The case against Apple is serious. However, the regulators authorities have not yet made any decision.  Once the investigation concludes the antitrust committee will give its verdict.

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