you’ll likely be wearing a mask for safety. To help keep you comfortable, we rounded up some of the best face masks for working out. Covering your face while exercising isn’t an ideal situation.

As temperatures rise and more of us venture outside to safely stretch our legs and get a little exercise, there are still precautions we should all be taking. Whether you’re hitting the pavement for a quick run in a popular park or heading back to the gym for the first time,  but it’s still important to help keep yourself and others safe. Luckily, there are quite a few cloth face masks out there made with exercising in mind, so you can breathe comfortably during your next sweat sesh.

When choosing the best cloth face masks for exercising, it’s important to consider a few different factors. Make sure you look for adjustable details (like ear loops or straps that help keep the mask from falling off while you work out) and materials that either help wick away moisture or allow for extra breathability. Always double check the details of a mask before purchasing to ensure you’re choosing one that will work well while you work up a sweat—and remember that cloth masks are not for medical use, but are meant to help you keep from spreading your germs to those around you.

To help narrow your search, we rounded up several cloth face masks that make exercising while staying safe a bit easier. Many brands are creating face masks specifically for hot days or working out, and some are just more breathable on their own—even for regular errands or walks. These masks come in all different styles and colors, so choose one that works best with your exercise routine. After a few minutes, you might even forget you’re wearing a mask.



1. Athleta Face Masks

Athleta.Athleta Face Masks 5 Pack $30BUY IT

With adjustable ear loops and a lightweight fabric (a combo of polyester and spandex with a cotton lining), these breathable face masks from Athleta are a great option for running, biking or any other outdoor cardio workout. The adjustable ear loops help keep the mask in place and comfortable while the lightweight fabrics help wick moisture and allow you to breathe.

2. PAGE ONE Face Mask


This PAGE ONE face mask was made for wearing outdoors—whether it’s for biking, running or even riding a motorcycle. Though there are no ear straps, there is an internal bind belt that allows you to adjust this cloth mask to fit correctly and make sure it stays on even while you exercise. According to the reviews, too, this mask isn’t too hot to wear inside at the gym.

3. Columbia Face Mask

Columbia.Columbia Face Mask $20BUY IT

This face covering from Columbia works for both summer and winter exercising. The thermal technology the brand uses can help keep in warmth in the winter and reflect your body heat away in the summer. It’s 100% polyester and has a strap to help fit the mask to your face, too.

4. iHeartRaves Face Mask

iHeartRaves.iHeartRaves Face Mask $14.95BUY IT

Originally made for keeping debris out of your face at music festivals, this iHeartRaves mask actually works really well for exercising. It’s made from a microfiber material that actually wicks away moisture, keeping you dry and cool while you workout. Plus, who can resist a cute tie-dye pattern?

5. Outdoor Shaping Face Mask

Outdoor Shaping.Outdoor Shaping Face Mask $9.99BUY IT

This neck gaiter style mask is similar to the options above, but fits over the ears rather than simple around the face. If masks with ear loops are what works best for you regularly, this mask might be your best option for exercising.

6. Alton Lane Face Masks

Alton Lane.Alton Lane Face Masks 2 Pack $30BUY IT

With a water repellant finish, molded nose piece and breathable fabric, this Alton Lane face mask is an ideal choice for anything from errands to exercise. The brand spent over a month developing this mask, too, so you know a lot of thought went into the design—making it as comfortable as possible.

7. Hope Love Shine Face Masks

Hope Love Shine.Hope Love Shine Face Mask Pack of 5 $29.99BUY IT

Each of these patterned face masks from Hope Love Shine is equipped with three layers of 100% cotton to make them especially breathable—and a filter pocket to use if you’d like to add one to your cloth mask. Plus, the elastic ear loops can also help this mask to stay in place while you exercise.

8. Adjur Life Face Mask

Adjur Life.Adjur Life Face Mask $8.88BUY IT

These Adjur Life face masks were actually made to be lightweight, breathable and cool for the summer. With a thin (but still protective!) fabric comprised of both cotton and viscose and adjustable ear straps, this mask is a must-have for working out in warmer temperatures.

9. Koral Face Mask

With fast-drying technology, UV protection (!!) and an adorable leopard print pattern, this Koral face mask is definitely a great summer workout option. It’s all possible due to the antimicrobial fabric that the brand uses— which also makes it extra breathable for exercising.

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