Iron Mountain Incorporated, the storage and information management services company enabling digital transformation, announced its Iron Mountain InSight artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) content services platform is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

As the first AI and ML powered content services platform accessible to Google Cloud’s millions of customers with a full visual user interface (UI) and compatibility with the majority of asset types, Iron Mountain InSight enables customers to easily ingest a wide array of structured and unstructured assets, from documents and spreadsheets to videos and images, and automatically classify, extract and enrich value from them.

Iron Mountain has a solution for all customers regardless of where they are in their digital journey, offering the full product UI to simplify the user experience or the processing engine only, so customers have best-in-class options available to them to take the complexity out of high volume asset analysis and process automation using AI and ML. Specifically, enterprises using Iron Mountain InSight can organize and sift through millions of varied assets to better understand what they have and easily access it, quickly uncover previously unseen or unexpected relationships between disparate information, and easily interpret information – a key benefit to users without a data science background – to inform business decisions.

“We are proud to continue our strong partnership with Iron Mountain,” said Pallab Deb, Head of Partner Solutions and AI Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Throughout our partnership, we’ve seen first-hand advances in AI and ML, and we are pleased they will bring their enterprise-class content services platform of this scale to our customers to help them accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

Iron Mountain InSight is invaluable for a host of industries — such as lending and financial services, insurance and claims and media and entertainment — that require the ability to surface insights from multiple asset types within seconds to minimize the potential for risk or fraud and automate and optimize existing processes that would normally take hundreds or thousands of hours:

  • In highly regulated industries like lending and financial services, Iron Mountain InSight has been instrumental in maintaining and optimizing critical processes. Customers can easily classify and extract document images with a high degree of confidence leveraging advanced proprietary models. With Iron Mountain InSight, they can obtain immediate visibility into loan file completeness, leading to reduced operational risk and improved image repository health. In lending – whether for mortgages or auto loans – Iron Mountain InSight speeds loan processing, facilitates efficient loan origination workflows and optimizes business processes while it also places all content under consistent information governance policies.
  • In the insurance and claims industry, Iron Mountain InSight serves customers in both the government and private sectors. The platform has been implemented by a government labor department, for example, to allow home-based workers to process high volumes of unemployment claim records as quickly as possible. More than 800 unemployment examiners have received and processed scan claims during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to faster and more accurate claims processing, Iron Mountain InSight customers are able to identify possible anomalies in loss claims filings to look for emergence of fraud.
  • In media and entertainment, Iron Mountain InSight customers can quickly identify relevant information in video and film for potential new revenue streams and also define virtual video clips by camera cuts, dialogue or regular time intervals for easy search. Users can, within minutes, identify celebrity figures and associated brand logo placements surrounding them, protect their brands by finding copyright content and violations, and integrate existing repositories with external metadata (e.g. Shotgun) for one-stop search and discovery.

“As organizations continue on their digital journeys, there’s a greater need for data integration and machine learning to take better advantage of the data and information assets,” said Jim O’Dorisio, SVP of Emerging Commercial Solutions. “With varying technical skills across technology today, the Iron Mountain InSight solution empowers users of all skill levels to glean the benefits of AI and ML. Iron Mountain InSight’s availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace will make it easier for an organization to accelerate their digital journey by reducing the complexity traditionally associated with AI and ML.”

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