Pakistan Navy observes World Hydrography Day

Pakistan Navy has observed World Hydrography Day with enthusiasm and with an aim to create awareness about the importance of Hydrogra­phy

Pakistan Navy observes World Hydrography Day

World Hy­drography Day is celebrated across the world, under the auspices of In­ternational Hydrographic Organ­ization, to draw worldwide atten­tion towards the importance of Hydrography and to appreciate the work done in this important field in support of safe navigation at open seas, ports and other protected ma­rine areas around the globe, accord­ing to a press release received here on Sunday. The theme selected for this year was “Hydrography – en­abling autonomous technologies” which highlights the significant role of Hydrography for optimizing use of autonomous technologies in hy­drographic processes. Autonomous platforms such as Autonomous Sur­face Vehicles (ASV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) equipped with Laser-based Hydrography sys­tems can be used to conduct high resolution and autonomous Hydro­graphic Surveys.

Pakistan is blessed with over 1000 Kms of coastline and an area of around 290,000 Sq Km at sea. More than 90percent of Pakistan’s trade by the volume and 70per­cent by value is carried out through Arabian Sea. As per Conventions on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Paki­stan like other coastal states, is re­sponsible for carrying out hydro­graphic surveys and production of nautical charts/ maps to provide accurate information to the mari­ners for safe sea passage. In this re­gard, Pakistan Navy Hydrographic Department is aptly fulfilling this international obligation, to ensure availability of updated information for mariners who traverse through the busy shipping lanes along Paki­stan’s coast round the year.

Pakistan Navy remains abreast with modern trends in Hydro­graphic Surveys and has recently inducted a new survey vessel PNS BEHR MASAH in its inventory. The ship is equipped with state of the art hydrographic, physical ocean­ographic and geophysical survey equipment. Pakistan Navy Hydro­graphic Department is also utiliz­ing some of the autonomous tech­nologies to enhance identification of underwater objects

Pakistan Navy, being the sole pro­prietor of National Hydrograph­ic domain of the country, observes the day with zeal and enthusiasm. Numerous activities were arranged throughout the year including awareness events, Lectures & Sem­inars, Marine research activities on significance of the day as well as Social Media Campaigns. Amidst the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 ac­tivities, while avoiding/ involving social gatherings, the efforts have now been focused on display of banners, distribution of pamphlets, publications of articles and telecast of event specific documentaries.

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