Turbat University is the Alma mater and national asset of the region, spokesperson

Turbat University is the Alma mater and national asset of this region of Baluchistan, the university spokesman said while rejecting the allegations made by some unrecognized institute.

Turbat University is the Alma mater and national asset of the region, spokesperson

A spokesman for the University of Turbat has categorically rejected the unconfirmed statistics and rankings released recently by an insignificant and unrecognized institution regarding the University Rankings in Balochistan. Cited a few years old statistics.

According to a university spokesperson, this was at a time when the University of Turbat was a sub-campus of the University of Balochistan, a clear example of which is the enrollment of students in the rankings and the number of academic departments.

According to the released rankings, the number of students of Turbat University is only 250 and the number of academic departments is only three. The students are studying in 23 programs in thirteen different educational fields.

It is worth mentioning that Turbat University in Balochistan also has the honor of conducting BSc and Master’s programs in various academic fields besides M.Phil and MS programs in three departments within a few years of its establishment.

The spokesperson further said that the achievements of Turbat University in a short span of time are being appreciated not only in Balochistan but also in various educational circles across the country, including the Higher Education Commission.

Turbat University is the second largest general university in Balochistan in the public sector and is one of the fastest growing universities in Pakistan. The spokesman said that the Higher Education Commission Islamabad is the competent authority to issue rankings of universities in Pakistan.

He said that two successful convocations have been held in the last few years, two sub-campuses Gwadar Campus and Panjgur Campus have been set up in Makran Division, a large number of teachers have been sent home and abroad for PhD and recently hired.

The approval of the second phase of Turbat University by the Education Commission and the Federal Central Development Working Party (CDWP) is a testament to the timely achievement of the goals set by the first phase of the university and its unprecedented achievements.

In addition, Turbat University is well ahead of its contemporaries. The spokesman said that Turbat University is the mother of knowledge and national asset of the region, so in view of the facts, one should not believe in self-made and baseless statistics and unverified news about it.