Samsung has released the Health Monitor app in South Korea. It allows you to track blood pressure for the smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active 2. 

The introduction of the new function is ahead of schedule: Samsung previously announced that the application will be released in the third quarter of this year. After all, before launching it is required to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Food Security and Medicines of South Korea.

Despite the innovative development, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will still not be a complete replacement for the traditional cuff for measuring blood pressure. In fact, the user needs to be checked with a sphygmomanometer every four weeks to calibrate the application.

Indeed, optical sensors alone can technically measure only changes in blood pressure. But do not give accurate evidence on their own. Paired with the traditional way of measuring pressure as the basis, the Samsung application will be more useful for monitoring the status between doctor visits or during the appointment.

Samsung claims that Health Monitor will also support an echocardiogram (ECG) from the third quarter of 2020 in South Korea. Apple introduced this feature in the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018, although it has not yet offered built-in support for blood pressure tracking.

To use the new feature, users must install the Samsung Health Monitor application on the Galaxy Watch Active2 and on their Galaxy smartphone. The application is automatically installed on the watch by updating the software to the latest version. Then, the Smartwatch application will open a link that will direct users to the download page of the smartphone application in the Galaxy Store application.

“The launch of the Samsung Health Monitor app demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to providing affordable and convenient healthcare for everyone by integrating advanced hardware and best-in-class software technology. We are pleased that Galaxy Watch Active2 users in Korea can now access the new application and receive information that helps them manage their health. We look forward to expanding the app to all future Galaxy Watch products”.

Samsung has not yet announced plans to extend new features outside of South Korea. Any attempt to launch an innovative update will depend on the approval of local regulatory authorities.

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