Mozilla declared it is planning to introduce its own VPN product soon. Mozilla VPN has been running in beta for users in the US.

Mozilla VPN offers protection for up to five devices on Windows, Android and iOS. It costs $4.99, ₹400 approximately per month. In the next few weeks, the Mozilla VPN will exit beta and users in the US will be able to buy it. Mozilla is planning to launch its VPN in other markets as well soon. Also Read – Android 11: 9 Most Interesting Features Mozilla declares that it will never track users’ browsing habits and avoid any third party in-app data analytics platform. Mozilla VPN also brings along features like split tunnelling, and it’s available on Mac too. It will be available on Linux as well. Mozilla said these features were introduced bases on user feedback. “With the VPN in your hands, we confirmed some of our initial hypotheses and identified important priorities for the future. For example, over 70% of early Beta-testers say that the VPN helps them feel empowered, safe, and independent while being online. Besides, 83% of early Beta-testers found the VPN easy to use,” Mozilla said in a release. In beta Mozilla’s VPN service was running as Firefox Private Network and for the Firefox browser as an extension. The firm is not only renaming it to Mozilla VPN but launching it as a standalone product.

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