These days people are interested in anonymous blog, one of the main reasons is to diversity from their already existent online presence.


There might be several reasons that may inspire you to start an anonymous blog. One of the main reasons for people these days to blog secretly is to diversify from their already existent online presence. The diversified topic may not suit the tastes of the already existing reader audience; you may try to mix two genres, but that might also prove to be risky. This narrative blog venture into the six main reasons that a person needs to consider before starting an anonymous blog:

Leading Separate Lives

Blogging anonymously can help you in keeping both your professional and personal lives separately. On a personal front, if you would like to describe one of your passions on your blog, you would not have to worry about its consequences on your official personality or if you already have an established blog and would want to venture into newer grounds without the expectation and the hype, anonymously blogging is the answer. People always compare the prior successes with the new front that you would want to explore individually.

The Negativity

There can be a lot of subject matters that will not gain the approval of your family and friends. Even professionally, you create a different image in the minds of the clients to keep your profession on track. You might want to reveal your sensitive side in your blog, even though it is something important that you share with others, it could prove intimidating to others and bring shame to you, if your identity is revealed.

Sensitive issues like divorce, sicknesses or bankruptcy are only explored by people who connect with the topic individually. The feelings and thoughts that a person faces through these sensitive times are hard to talk about and if you do not do it anonymously, the people you come into contact in your daily life may even judge you and form opinions on the basis of your blog posts.

Protecting others while protecting yourself

If you are working two jobs in order to pay your bills and would want to vent out the slips made by co-workers or your manager or frustrating experiences with difficult clients, an anonymous blog is your go to place. By remaining anonymous, you are not only protecting your own integrity but also the integrity of your colleagues and the company’s clients. You may even find a lot of other bloggers who are already releasing their frustrations through these anonymous blog platforms.

Avoiding Controversies

You are in a line of work, but the topic that you want to discuss on your blog could be controversial and not connected to your professional life. The topics of conversations could range from medicine, local politics, and terrorism to education. You always do not want to be associated with every topic that you discuss on your blog. You have to protect your identity not only professionally but also make sure that your safety is not compromised and the written matter does not land you in the midst of accusations.

Non-disclosure Agreement

There are many employers and clients who may have a non-disclosure agreement clause in their documentation which may forbid them legally to write anything related to them. By remaining anonymous, you can share your experiences and avoid any such legal accusations. Some of the clients or former employers may still want to probe your writing, but as long as it is a secret, they cannot hold the law against you.

Venturing into New Waters

A blogger always has his best write-up in the field or genre of his expertise. But at times there are pressing subject matters that you may want to write about and share with the readers, to get their valued feedback. Revealing your identity and writing something that the readers will not associate with your already existent framework may prove to be risky.

An ardent professional always discussing on areas of his genre will not be expected to share sensitive information out of his usual context. In fact anonymous blogging facilitates disassociation from your previously created online image. The readers will read the anonymous blog just for its content, not because they know the writer.

Ghost Writers in the House

Ghost writers are gaining popularity all over the internet for tackling sensitive issues with ease, as their identity is not at stake. Some of them even reveal their identity once their anonymous blog starts gaining popularity. But as always beware that there are always two sides to the same coin.

If you think that by remaining anonymous, you can abuse or tarnish someone’s reputation, you cannot remain protected for too long, as the lashed on individual or company is sure to come after you. Spreading lies anonymously will also not draw your readers towards your blog. People are sometimes clever enough to identify the true blogger with the way he writes or the issue he discussed.