SONY’S all-new Xperia 1 II finally goes on sale today and there’s plenty to like including a stunning screen, wireless charging and 5G data speeds but there’s also one big thing that certainly might put you off taking the plunge.

After months and months of waiting, Sony’s new Xperia 1 II (that’s Mark 2 if you’re a little baffled by the name) has finally gone on sale in stores across the UK from today, June 18. This premium flagship was first revealed back in February and, if you’ve been patiently waiting, there’s plenty of reasons to consider buying one. has already taken delivery of our Xperia 1 II and it’s definitely one of the best phones Sony has made in while. The build quality is first-class and it’s packed with features that certainly make it an attractive option. However, there’s also one big thing that can’t be overlooked and might just put you off taking the plunge.

So, if you are wondering whether to hit the order button or not…here’s our 5 biggest reasons for buying the Xperia 1 II and one huge reason to avoid it


Yes, that’s right. Sony has brought back the headphone port and that’s sure to please those with an expensive pair of wired of cans in their possession. Since Apple ditched this socket on its iPhone 7 back in 2016, it’s really rare to find a smartphone with a headphone port and this is smart move from Sony. This device is also fully compatible with High-Resolution Audio files for a cleaner sound experience and there’s even a free trial with Tidal thrown in so you can stream songs in the ultimate format.

Sony Xperia 1 release – 5 reasons to buy and one to avoid (Image: SONY)

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Having removed wireless charging from its flagship range, Sony has finally brought it back on the Xperia 1 II. Every rival phone in this premium price point now includes this feature and it was vital that Sony followed the trend. This update now means you can pop the Xperia 1 II on a Qi charging pad for a wire-free refill.


If you’re looking for the ultimate cinema-style experience then this 6.5″ phone could be for you. The Xperia 1 II not only gets that unique 21:9 wide-screen display but a number of other treats including 4K HDR OLED technology.

New motion blur reduction cuts down the frame lag for clearer image quality and there’s also some help from Sony’s Bravia TVs to make sure colours look bright and the image is packed with detail and contrast. Having put it to the test, there’s no question that this is a stunning screen and it’s a big reason to consider buying this phone.

The new Sony Xperia 1 includes a stunning 21:9 display (Image: SONY)


5G is the future of smartphones and the Xperia 1 II is fully compatible with this fast technology. 5G offers downloads at speeds of over 300Mbps when away from fixed-line broadband and that means you can whizz a movie to your mobile in under three minutes.

Of course, you’ll need to check your network for pricing and where the 5G signal is available but if you’re lucky to have it where you live you’ll enjoy some very rapid downloads.


The Xperia 1 II gets an improved triple rear camera which brings wide-angle and stunning portrait shots to this phone. There’s also pro video and photography modes which allow budding snappers the chance to dig deep into the settings for the perfect images no matter what the conditions.

Sony is also boasting that the Xperia 1 II can capture moments that no other smartphone can. With up to 20fps continuous burst shooting9 complete with autofocus and auto exposure.

The new Sony Xperia 1 II goes on sale today (Image: SONY)


That simply comes down to the price. Sony is charging £1,099 for this phone and that’s one huge price to pay.

For less money, you can buy an iPhone 11 Pro (£1,049), Galaxy S20+ (£999) Huawei P40 Pro (£899), OnePlus 8 Pro (£899) or an iPhone 11 (£779).

Even on contract the Xperia 1 II is pricey with fans needing to stump up £40 per month to own one (that’s on a 36-month contract!)

Admittedly, there’s some cool features on the Xperia 1 II but only time will tell if avid Xperia fans are prepared to pay that higher price. will be posting a full review of the new Xperia in the coming days so watch this space.