Google has got some interesting news for every Pakistani out there. The giant search engine is known for carrying out information that records the hits and misses from each country, as well as major searches. Google has published the first-ever report on ‘What is Pakistan Searching For?’

According to the latest report, Google via Think with Google has penned down the search habits of Pakistanis using the search engine throughout the country. Google’s report analyzed Pakistanis’ online behavior and how they have evolved in recent times.

As per the report, Pakistan’s digital population has increased by almost 68% over the past three years. Around 78 million Pakistanis are using Google to watch, read, learn, or to run a business.

Just like time is changing, in the same way, Pakistanis’ online behavior has changed with time. According to the new findings, People of Pakistan are using the internet to get more information for things they want to buy online. The Google statistics show nearly 55% of the buyers search for the product they want to purchase on Google, watch the YouTube videos to gain more information, and read reviews to understand others’ feedback. In comparison with the previous year’s research, 8% of people are trying to make more informed and educated choices rather than just putting their money without being sure.

The ongoing pandemic has affected their online behavior of Pakistanis as well. As per the details, Almost 73% of internet users are spending more time on YouTube on a per month basis. There has been a 550% surge in search for ‘online classes’, 150% surge in ‘with me’ video searches, and a 144% increase in DIY tutorials.

For those who do not now about Think with Google, it is a Consumer Insight tool by the search engine giant that presents real-time data on insights related to consumer research, purchase behaviors, and shopping through the platform.