Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered action against oil companies involved in the artificial petrol crisis that happened lately in Pakistan.

An investigation report on the petrol crisis was presented to the Prime Minister in which it was stated that nine oil marketing companies had deliberately created a petrol crisis. Even after 2 weeks of reduction in prices, the supply of petrol could not be fully restored. In the investigation report, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered action against the individuals and companies involved in the artificial petrol crisis.

The Prime Minister has directed to suspend and revoke the licenses of the companies involved in the crisis. The Prime Minister also directed that stocked petrol be supplied to the market.

Fuel Crisis Committee Challenge in Court

On the other hand, the ‘Fuel Crisis Committee’ on the petrol crisis has been challenged by the petroleum companies. In the petition filed in the Islamabad High Court, the lawyer for the companies said that OGRA is the regulator itself and the federal minister does not have the authority to form a fuel crisis committee. The petition states that the inclusion of the FIA ​​in the committee is also illegal.

The Islamabad High Court has issued notices to the Ministry of Energy, OGRA, Fuel Crisis Committee, and FIA for June 25 at the request of oil companies. It may be recalled that after the continuous rise in petrol prices in the country, there was a severe shortage of petrol in various cities from June 1. Several petrol pumps were closed due to the non-supply of petrol. There were queues.

After the news was broadcast on the media, Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of the petrol crisis in the country and demanded a report from Petroleum Minister Omar Ayub Khan. Petroleum Minister Omar Ayub Khan had claimed that the supply of petrol would be normal in 72 hours. However, even after the claim of the Federal Minister, there is a shortage of petrol in many cities of the country.