There will be 79,000 deaths reported in Pakistan on August 10 without lockdown

If locked down from February 27 to July 11, there will be a pack day on August 4, when 13.57 million people will fall victim to corona in one day. Research at Imperial College London

Lahore (Urdupoint News Latest. June 14, 2020) If lockdown is not imposed in Pakistan , there will be 79 thousand record deaths on August 10 , Imperial College London research that if locked down in Pakistan from February 27 to July 11 for 135 days. So August 4 will be a pack day, when 13.5 million people will fall victim to corona in one day . According to Imperial College London, the US and the financial support of the British government, the UK Also during the lockdown in different countries and without Lockdown Coronavirus spread of the virus and be loss of a study by the Imperial College London Pakistan In coronaRegarding the situation of the virus, it has been said that if Pakistan is locked down for 135 days from February 27 to July 11, then August 4 in Pakistan will be considered as Corona virus pack day.

When 13.57 million corona cases will be reported in Pakistan in a day and a record number of 79,000 deaths will be reported in a day on August 10 . That means about 78,515 people could die in Corona . This day will be a pack day in terms of deaths, after which the number of deaths will gradually start decreasing.

Research at Imperial College London has shown that the corona epidemic is likely to end in Pakistan in January 2021 . By January 26, 2021, the total number of deaths in Pakistan could reach 2,132,617. But if the lockdown is not imposed, the death toll could reach 2.229 million. However, a complete lockdown could still reduce the death toll to 10,200.

Similarly, if India is examined, more than 14.2 million people could be killed in India without lockdown by January 25, 2021 , while the number of deaths in partial lockdown could reach 13.6 million.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that such research estimates at the international level can only be estimates. However, people should ensure implementation of SOPs to prevent the spread of Corona , while the government should impose a complete strict lockdown for some time if possible, to reduce mortality and cases. Federal Minister for Planning and Privileges Asad Omar also warned in a media briefing that if the situation of non-compliance with SOPs remained the same, the number of cases would reach 1.2 million by the end of July.

Pakistan in the country on February 26 Coruna was the first case of the virus while still in the middle of June Coruna The number of cases was not on the S aupyz, half a million will go to number 3 million in late July, Coruna The spread of can only be prevented by wearing a mask. ” Research from around the world has shown that masks can reduce the spread of epidemics by 50 percent ,” Omar said . So the easiest way to avoid an epidemic is to wear a mask. Wear a mask if you want to protect yourself and your family. Establish social distance and the government has issued instructions in this regard.