Hilton Pharma a leading pharmaceutical company has been supporting the NIBD convalescent plasma trial with a research grant and technical knowledge since the pandemic began in Pakistan.

Keeping the momentum going Dr. Tahir Shamsi conducted a webinar on Hilton Pharma premises to educate doctors and HCPs across Pakistan. He took the experts from various specialties through the entire trial journey to date, starting with which institutes are currently on the panel, patient enrollment, data maturity and details of the control group. One of the most important areas discussed was the current process of plasma collection and how we can expand it further. Dr Tahir Shamsi said” Till now we have given plasma to more than 230 patients in the country for the ongoing trial”.

Dr. Tahir Shamsi further emphasized the need of more plasma donations, he said, “The peak of the Covid-19 wave for the country has started and the health care system is suffering. The need of plasma is estimated to be 20,000 people; we have a long way to go”.

He acknowledged the additional support of Hilton Pharma in arranging reliable kits to test antibodies in asymptomatic individuals. He said “these individuals are present undetected in the community and are a large population of potential donors”. He also thanked the governmental bodies that are now appealing to citizens for plasma donation and helping expand collection to more towns. It was an interactive session part of the bigger initiative where Hilton Pharma is reaching out to its large network of doctors and will deliver the message and appeal for more plasma donations to them individually. Dr. Tahir Shamsi also took the doctors through the plasma extraction process and mentioned that each Covid-19 recovered individual can donate up to 4 to 5 times and with each extraction we can help up to two patients. He added that the plasma within this trial is being provided to patients who qualify the criteria free of cost.

Dr. Tahir Shamsi also thanked for the support NIBD has received from various governmental bodies such as Ministry of National Health Services Regulations & Coordination, NDMA, All Provincial Governments, and Pharmacy Services of DRAP”.