VMware partner aucloud brings object lock-based ransomware protection to australia

Canberra-based cloud provider aucloud has brought the first object lock-based ransomware protection in australia.

VMware partner aucloud brings object lock-based ransomware protection to australia

Developed by cloudian and veeam, the solution protects data from being encrypted by ransomware through cloudian hyperstore object storage and veeam availability suite v10, and can be managed from vmware cloud director.

Object lock allows backup data copies to be made unchangeable for a set period of time, preventing encryption or deletion and ensures a clean data copy for recovery. Cloudian claims the resulting security is comparable to offline storage.

The solution has been verified in international certification testing as meeting highly stringent requirements for non-rewritable and non-erasable storage media, so aucloud can offer it to its customers in australian federal, state and local governments and critical national industry (cni) communities.

Aucloud managing director phil dawson said, “as a consequence of the recent catastrophic australian bushfire season and now the covid-19 pandemic, sovereign resilience, revenue protection and business continuity are more essential than ever.

“the new object lock-based ransomware protection service is a key tool in our customers’ resilience armoury, which, when combined with our sovereign cloud offering, means customers have robust data protection with no worries about off-shoring data.”

The object lock-based solution can also accommodate offsite backups, specifically at aucloud’s backup data centre in western sydney, allowing federal government clients to store data outside of canberra.

Cloudian anz regional director james wright said, “in the current environment, ransomware threats are increasing, yet at the same time, businesses need to operate within limited budgets.”

“as ransomware protection can now be managed as part of a customer’s standard backup workflow, we’re providing an automated, cost-effective solution that enables fast recovery in the event of a ransomware attack while reducing the need for precious labour-intensive resources.”

This news was originally posted on crn.com.au