Dota 2, csgo are the “most toxic” community in esports

Cursing in online gaming is nothing new. In fact, swearing, cursing and foul-mouthing your enemies (or teammates) can be more common at times than friendly casual conversations, especially if you’re playing hardcore games like dota 2.

Dota 2, csgo are the “most toxic” community in esports

The dota 2 community has forever been infamous for using notorious insults in-game. On social media platforms, hardly a day goes by when you can’t find the screenshot of a new innovative insult thrown in a dota 2 game. While some other games without a profanity filter like csgo also boasts a fairly toxic community, the crown however, goes to dota 2 based on a recent study.

The study by onlinegambling scans through subreddits of several online multiplayer games in the hunt to find out the most foul-mouthed community in gaming. While the study didn’t take into account the in-game chats, the subreddits of the respective games should give a sugar-coated version of an idea on how the general environments in those games are.

Games like overwatch, fifa and call of duty were found to have a good amount toxicity too, but csgo and dota 2 beat them by a margin.

Csgo claimed the #2 spot in the list, losing only to dota 2. The first-person shooter had over 171 swear words among the scanned comments, with over 1/3rd posts containing variations of the f-word or “s**t”.

Dota 2, the game which took the #1 spot, had over 180 instances of swear words among the 3,845 comments scanned in the subreddit. The most common slang was s**t, with variations of f**k making it to the list in considerable numbers.

While it’s true that toxicity can indeed become a hassle to deal with at times, the positive aspect among this study lies in the fact that the majority of gamers didn’t use swear words. Yes, that’s true, as this particular study pointed out, the majority of the gaming communities on reddit still refrain from using swear words.

However, it’s important to note that the study was done wholly on reddit. The results will undoubtedly vary in the in-game chat, where it’s much easier to find yourself getting lost amid the heat of battle

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