River floods in Hunza due to climate change

Hunza Hasnabad river floods due to climate change and it poses a major threat to the residents of the locality.

River floods in Hunza due to climate change

Climate change has been a major threat to Pakistan. Blossoming flowers and splendid fields are not by any means the only things summer gets Hunza. Lamentably, it additionally acquires high floods the locale’s Hasanabad River, putting the lives of occupants in danger.

As temperatures rise, the ice of the Shishper Glacier close to Mount Shishpar dissolves, expanding the water level in the stream.

As per occupants, this undermines the lives of individuals living close to the Karakoram Highway. “There are in excess of 100 houses here and throughout the years a few people have lost their lives,” an occupant said.

The fiasco the executive’s authority, then again, claims that no harm has occurred. “A year ago, we accomplished some defensive work after which harms were forestalled and the power of the water stream was broken,” a laborer of the administration said.

He included that the flooding occurred due to remarkable temperatures. The representative magistrate of Hunza has paid heed to the issue and is working with the individuals to give substitute houses to those influenced.

By Ahsan Ali

A young motivated person, interested in research and bioenterpreneurship in Pakistan.