TEHRAN – Prominent Muslim scientists and health experts from over ten countries worldwide met virtually Mustafa Prize on Thursday within the framework of the 7th Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) to address scientific and technological collaboration in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Organized by Mustafa Prize Foundation, laureates and eminent scientists from countries such as Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Singapore, and Turkey shared their research findings, experiences, and achievements. 

Professors Jackie Ying from Singapore and Ugur Sahin from Turkey, as well as Iranian professors Hossein Baharvand and Mohammad Abdolahad delivered keynote speeches.

Meanwhile, Jorge Chediek, the director of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, Olzhas Abishev, the vice-minister of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, gave inaugural messages.

“We are putting together some of the best minds in the Islamic world to confront the challenges brought about by Coronavirus,” Chediek stated.

For his part, Abishev pointed to the necessity of consolidation and solidarity in overcoming this disease, saying “We should work closely together and openly share expertise.”

Ying explained about the recent works that she has been conducting along with her research team to develop an effective COVID-19 test kit.

Sahin talked about a vaccine that he and his research team have developed and recently tested on humans.

He also announced that the first results of this study are expected by the end of June/early July.

Baharvand noted that infusions of stem cells are safe and well-tolerated in patients with acute or chronic respiratory conditions. 

Abdolahad for his part talked about a detector that he and his team designed that selectively detect the intensity of reactive oxygen species in the sputum sample just in 30 seconds.” 

Mustafa Prize, the Iranian version of the Nobel Peace Prize, was launched in 2013 with the mission to promote science and technology in the Islamic world.

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