China reveals the cargo on board its new China’s manned spaceship prototype, which was launched into orbit in early May, and later returned. 

The return module was opened with witnesses from organizations and research bodies from China and abroad during a ceremony held by the China Manned Space Engineering office on Friday afternoon in Beijing.

Inside the manned spaceship prototype were national flags from Pakistan and Argentina. The two flags were handed over to Pakistan’s Ambassador to China and Argentina’s Envoy to China respectively. 

Return Capsule

The spaceship was also loaded with China’s first space ceramic material 3D manufacturing China’s manned spaceship device developed by the Space Application Engineering and Technology Center of Academy of Sciences, Chinese herbal medicine from Space Breeding Industry Innovation Alliance, seeds of crops from Yunnan, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia, and some youth science test items. 

The manned spaceship prototype was launched from Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on May 5, and after orbiting earth for over two days, the return module successfully landed on May 8. The capsule was then transported back to Beijing. After over a routine quarantine of 20 days, the capsule was first opened on Friday afternoon.

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