Beautiful trees of Pakistan and their usefulness

There are many different types of indigenous trees in Pakistan but most of them are not known. Below is a glimpse of some of the native beautiful trees of Pakistan.

Lush and dense trees are a form of beauty for which there is no substitute. Imagine what the world would look like if all the trees and greenery in the world were gone. There are many different types of native trees on the land of Pakistan but most people are not aware of them. Here is a glimpse of some of Pakistan’s native trees. As beautiful as these trees are, the names of these trees are as beautiful as their names.

There are currently more than 3 trillion trees on our planet. With their unique texture, height and color, these trees have many characteristics. Some of these trees have existed for centuries and witnessed the ups and downs of time. Some trees have withstood major disasters, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, nuclear explosions but still stood firm in their place.

According to an estimate, the total forest area in Pakistan is 4.2 million acres, which is about 4.8% of the total area of Pakistan, of which 40% is publicly owned and 60% is privately owned.

Rivers, seas, mountains, trees, lakes, rivers, forests and deserts are the beauty of this land and Pakistan is also rich in this beauty. The wildlife and biodiversity here is second to none. If we talk about the plants, trees and forests found here, then there are 5,700 plants species. There are 203 types of plants and trees in Chitral, Kashmir and North Balochistan alone, which is 4% of the total trees in the country where there is room for such a large number of lush and lush landscapes. What a lack of views.

Beautiful trees of Pakistan are a blessing from God and forests also play an important role in changing the climate of a place. If water vapor enters the air from the leaves of the trees, then the moisture content in the air remains reasonable and the climate does not dry out. Helps in the formation of which makes rain possible. Anyway, trees attract clouds.

Below are some of the trees found in Pakistan and their benefits, so that the general public can get acquainted with the trees found in their country.

Neem, Azadirachta indica: The golden and very useful tree of Pakistan is neem. Its leaves are very useful for many diseases. It is used in skin diseases. Neem seed, oil, fruit, root and bark are useful in every part. This tree prevents soil erosion.

Neem, Azadirachta indica

Amaltas, Indian Laburnum: The fruit is used in indigenous medicine. It is also called the ‘flower of hope’.

Amaltas, Cassia fistula

Baer, Ziziphus mauritiana: Who wouldn’t be familiar with beer? Discussions of this fruit are also in wisdom.

Baer, Ziziphus mauritiana

Gulhar, Hibiscus: This tree is known among friends as ‘Sada Sahagan’.

Gulhar, Hibiscus

Gulchin or Champa, Plumeria plants: No need for introduction, its aroma has also made poetry fragrant.

Gulchin or Champa, Plumeria plants

Jund, Prosopis cineraria: Very beautiful view … The tree friends look at him and say: ‘Let me go’.

Jund, Prosopis cineraria

Kaner, Cascabela thevetia: Common in gardens and villages of Punjab.

Kaner, Cascabela thevetia

Keekar, Gum arabic tree: Commonly found in Pakistan, especially in Punjab. It is also called the ‘companion of sorrow’.

Baer, Ziziphus mauritiana

Okan or Farash, Cylicodiscus gabunensis: It’s a lovely sight. Some call him a ‘kind friend’.

Okan Cylicodiscus gabunensis

Sukh chain, Indian Beach Tree: The same title as the name.

Sukh chain Indian beech tree

Sahanjana, Moringa oleifera a charismatic tree: The powder of its leaves is used as medicine. Its beans are eaten cooked by people with meat and its pickle is also made. Its fresh leaves are used in salads. More than twice as much calcium is found in milk. Moranga, Sahanjana is a complete food supplement. Oil is also extracted from the seeds of Moranga. Tea from its leaves is also drunk. New shoots of Moranga appear in February-March and beans Ready by June.

sohanjna Moringa oleifera

Mulberry, Morus: Its fruit and shade are very good. What is the idiom in Punjabi? ‘Cold Shadows Break Up’

mulberry tree

Arjun, Terminalia arjuna: A very beautiful tree, in the local dialect it has been called the ‘protector of gardens’.

Terminalia arjuna tree

Kachnar, Bauhinia Variegata: First vegetable, then the shade is attractive and charming … Needless to say.

Beautiful trees of Pakistan Kachnar, Bauhinia Variegata

Synbol, Bombax Ceiba Silk Cotton: As beautiful as the name is, so beautiful. It is full of innumerable flowers and heaps of silk.

Beautiful trees of Pakistan and their usefulness Bombax Ceiba Silk Cotton