Advantages and disadvantages of pandemic Covid 19

There is always an opportunity is a disaster, the advantages and disadvantages of pandemic Covid 19 will certainly change the world by end of this rife

Advantages and disadvantages of pandemic Covid 19

Since the beginning of this world, there have been my mysterious happenings and the result of all these happenings may have caused deaths too. We in the 2020 are again exposed to such a strange and enigmatic; the corona virus.

The world was totally unaware what’ll happen when the first corona virus case registered on 1st December, 2019 in the Wuhan city of China. At that time, advantages and disadvantages of pandemic Covid 19 were not known.

China was leading as the world’s best economy when it’s imports and exports were banned and due to the hazardous effects of this virus, the world decided to cut off its link with China and with no imports and exports its economy began to decline. The number of patients increased and gradually it began to cover the whole world.

Now the whole world is down to the power of corona virus. Several countries are locked down for weeks now. Their tourism and businesses have ceased. Nothing was happening as it should have been. Economic breakdown is rising all over the world. If this virus continues to show its prowess and keep the countries locked down for the next many month too, there may be an economic crisis both for the developed and underdeveloped countries.

Everything has good as well as bad impacts. Covid- 19 pandemic has a lot more bad impacts because it has deprived the whole world even from the basic needs. People are unable to go outside for work. They are quarantined. Covid-19 is especially a pandemic for poor who have no money to spend, no food to eat and no jobs due to lock down. There are rich people who stock up and due to the shortage of supply, the prices touch the sky and the poor always are ready to push themselves under inflation.

The global and local impacts are totally dependent on one another. Global surface is affected when the local surface effects because it the humans that make the world and not the world that makes humans. When people at the local level are affected, the global surface modifies accordingly.

At Local level the contagion takes place and this gradually covers the whole city, the provinces and then the whole country. The disease then spreads like a fire in the forest from one country to the next and then it covers the globe.

There is always an opportunity is a disaster, the advantages and disadvantages of covid 19 pandemic will certainly change the world by end of this rife.

Some good impacts of corona virus spread at local level are that people have become more aware about the hygienic measures and self-caring to avoid this virus. They are practicing social distancing and trying to spend time with their families. They are finally solving their family issues and are giving more attention to their beloved ones. The crime has dropped to zero percent.

They are delaying their marriages and not celebrating their festivals because they know that gathering is the major cause of contagion. They are sharing groceries with the needy and are helping the poor. They are cooperating with the government. Some of them have also started reading books and newspapers to spend time.

The bad impacts of this virus spread are that poor people have become unemployed. They are not even getting enough food for their family. The poverty has increased as according to the latest research more than 1 million employees will be deprived of their jobs in Pakistan.

Although the government is also giving relief packages for its public but that will not be enough because no government is rich enough to feed its public by locking down the whole country for months. People are free nowadays and are more addicted to the use of social media. They are also becoming the victims of depression because an empty brain is the home of the devil.

At the global level this virus is crushing the economies of the developed as well as undeveloped countries. America is the highly effected country by covid-19 with the tally of victims rising to more than 0.5 million. It has also given the relief package of 2.2 trillion dollars to its public to combat against corona virus. The businesses, tourism and trading have stopped.

The pollution is decreased, sky is turning blue and ozone layer is healing itself, oceans are purifying, weathers are modifying, it seems as if the earth is healing itself.

Now due to the restrictions and fear of covid-19, the trend of e-learning is on zenith and share of online trading will enhance to 5-6 trillion dollars in the coming years as it is 2.4 trillion dollars nowadays. It has also raised an awareness that there is a need to invest more on the research fields especially related to disease management rather than buying war weapons.

The people must wear masks and clean their hands and must practice social distancing until we are at war with corona virus. This virus is unintentionally affecting the world and is mutating day by day.

We need to cooperate with our government and work patiently. It is human who is destroying the mother nature but nothing is superior to nature. All we need to do is to be a better human being because nature nowadays is really enjoying itself.