Paigham-e-Pakistan highlights the role of youth in an online seminar

KP government and Paigham-e-Pakistan organized an online seminar in order to highlight the role of youth in the development of the country.

Paigham-e-Pakistan highlights the role of youth in an online seminar

The seminar was organized by the Abbottabad University of Science and Technology as a team with the KP government and Paigham-e-Pakistan. Speakers at a virtual seminar highlighted the role of youth in the development and prosperity of the country. Seminar also focused on the role of universities in nation-building.

Coordinator to CM on Internation­al Investments Kashif Irshad, International Muslim Women’s Union Chairperson Samia Raheel Qazi, Abbottabad University of Science and Technology Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mujaddad ur Reh­man, Zafarullah Khan, Dr. Afzaal Shah, Syeda Ayesha, and Prof Nazir Ahmed were conspicuous among the individuals who addressed the workshop.

Tending to the online seminar, Kashif Irshad said the teachers as operators of harmony can address the fanatic and violent practices that have harmed genuinely necessary social union in the society. He said basic education is essential for positive change in the general public and that harmony can’t be maintained in the general public without education.

Different speakers illuminated the Paigham-e-Pakistan activity of the central government which, they stated, is the best device to manage the developing radicalism and narrow mindedness in the society. They said the essential goal of the activity is to promote harmony, incongruity, and neighborly relations among different portions of the general public.

They likewise said that this activity has crushed the spirit of the components spreading scorn and bedlam in the nation, including that the entire country is joined to impede accursed plans of the foes. They said it is through peaceful coexistence and common respect that feasible turn of events and genuine harmony can be accomplished. They focused on the need to teach the young people of the nation through the motivational philosophy of Allama Iqbal and the message of ‘unity, faith, discipline’ as gave by Founder of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam.

The primary goal of the seminar was to sharpen the students and academia about their ideal job in the promotion of harmony, resilience, regard to different religions and convictions in the light of the Paigham-e-Pakistan account.

The members hailed the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Chief Minister Mehmood Khan for their endeavors to advance harmony and stability in the general public and recognized the difficult work done by the organizers of the workshop to orchestrate an online meeting on a significant subject regardless of the closure of educational institutions in the midst of coronavirus flare-up in the nation.

By Ahsan Ali

A young motivated person, interested in research and bioenterpreneurship in Pakistan.