Pakistan has become one of the fastest emerging economies in Asia which support startups. The startup ecosystem is flourishing in Pakistan and this is leading startups to become leading companies in the future.

The young talent with innovative ideas and advancement is growing a new era of the economy in Pakistan. According to McKinsey & Co’s latest report on the Pakistani startup ecosystem, Pakistan has become one of the emerging economies in Asia.

The report also claims that since 2010, in Pakistan, around 720 startups had been created and from which 67 percent.

are still operational, including 100 that have gained funding from international investors.

International companies have also shown their trust in Pakistan’s tech market. The Chinese famous e-commerce giant has acquired Pakistan’s well-known e-commerce store,, for $200 million. 

Here are a few of the shining startups of Pakistan that are achieving immense success in a short-term period. ($29 million) was founded in 2006 and is one of the most well-funded startups in Pakistan. Up till now, in disclosed venture capital funding, has raised $29 million.

Airlift ($14.2 million)

It is an app-based transportation service provider. To date, Airlift has raised $14.2 million in disclosed venture capital funding. ($11.5 million)

It is a Pakistan-based logistics company that offers multiple online delivery services such as delivering gifts, food, medicines, books, parcels, cosmetics, etc. The Startup managed to raise $7.8 million in a series. ($8.5 million)

It is the most popular website for employers and job seekers in Pakistan. Till now, has raised $8.5 million.

Bykea ($5.7 million)

Founded in 2016, it is an on-demand transport and logistics startup. Up till now, Bykea has raised $5.7 million in disclosed venture capital funding.

Inov8 ($5.4 million)

It is the most well-funded FinTech startup in Pakistan.  According to Crunchbase, in 2019, investors poured $36 million into 14 Pakistani tech startups across 15 deals.