Coronavirus Disaster for Human Being but a Blessing for Other Creatures. At this present time every one might have over heard about the particular contagion (disease) which is known as a “coronavirus.” or “COVID-19.”


The term, “COVID-19” is derived from a word ‘corona’ (Co); means, “crown” in Latin where it indicates crown like spikes on the surface and it also refers to the outer part of the sun’s plasma.

It means a virus body surrounded by the thorns or needles like structure. However, the second word “Virus” (VI) is a disease which commonly causes contagion like cough, common cold etc.

The “19” indicates the year in which the contagion was firstly spotted/ identified in China (Wuhan) on December 2019. It’s a new pandemic, which is unknown to the doctors and scientists, meanwhile there is no any vaccine discovered yet.

Doctors and Scientists are struggling day and night to discover an inoculation and to get rid of it. According to the Scientists, the contagion primarily was transferred from animals like snacks, and birds (bats) to human body.

Correspondingly many experts believe that this contagion (coronavirus) has also been spread by the help of sea foods. Hence, this virus transferred through animals to humans and now is becoming the reason of many deaths in the globe.

Currently, Coronavirus disaster has become a problematic issue and disconnecting many countries from each other which is becoming the cause of failure of trade and economy.

Pakistan is among the countries in the South Asia which has the highest number of corona cases. Without taking this pandemic serious and without adaptation of Quarantine laws in the country, the numbers of corona patients have been increased.

Lack of safety equipments in hospitals, doctors and paramedics staff have faced too much difficulties in the country. It was restricted by World Health Organization (WHO) to keep masses  away from the public places, working places, gathering, traveling and keep social distances and as well as physical distances. 

This restriction has stopped all the human activities as well as closed all the educational institutions, administrations, economic growths and restricted everyone into homes. At the same time, the closures of all the activities have risen up and home isolation have taken place in every effected country.

We all are by some means personally painful from much known slogan that “Stay home and Stay Safe.” But today only this safety precaution is leading the world and saving the lives.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus disaster is a huge for human being, on the other hand it is also a blessing for the other creatures. Due to isolation and lockdown, birds have backed to their habitats. Sparrows and other humming birds are constructing their nests near to the humans populations have seen on windows and on standing cars because of deforestation.

Different types of wild animals have been seen moving freely on roads during lock down. The species have arrived and turned into their previous conditions very well through a history. In Italy many deaths have occurred due to Coronavirus disaster which is very painful for all.

But indirectly the capital of Italy Venice, many changes have occurred. Due to the absence of nitrogen dioxide, the water canals in Venice has turned into clean and small fishes are visible into it after many years (late 60 years).

Due to segregation of the human activities the globe is taking deep breath and free from human interference. A clean environment might be playing its decisive role to overcome these symptoms that have been turned out from the corona virus.

It is becoming beneficial for the other creatures to make their habitats more. It’s right to say that “The beauty is seen only because of ugliness”.

Many scientists have said that in past decades that most human activities were placing too much pressure on the earth and natural environment by damaging the environment from their different activities like deforestation, industrialization, factories pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and changing agricultural lands into colonies and so on.

But now in this pandemic situation, absence of noise from shops, vehicles and factories have now decreased the stress hormones and increasing the level of marine creatures which can support their reproductive success.

The Globe is now turning into an uncontaminated and an unpolluted place. It proves that the root of every disease results from the human behaviours problematic for the other creatures. As it is previously discussed, that this disease covid-19 is a new pandemic for the Scientists and Doctors, so it will take a lot of time and even several months or years to discover vaccine for it.

Seeing all these changes, we must ask ourselves that should we not learn from our mistakes and should we not change our living pattern or way of life? Before all activities once again start, we have to overcome and reduce those activities which create problem for all the other creatures.

We must overcome our activities like over fishing, hunting, deforestation, using pesticides and herbicides that release toxic compounds into environment. We need to reorient ourselves with the other creatures in the globe.

The nature is giving us a lesson indirectly to take care of our globe where we live and where many other creatures live, because this globe is not for a single creature. So, stay home and stay safe and protect yourself from this pandemic.

This article jointly written by Shehnaz Bano, Sabia Sarwer, Asma, Fehmida Khalid and Muhammad Ilyas.

By Muhammad Ilyas

Eager to work in a highly motivational environment with profound interactive dealings in accordance with strong communication skills.