CompTIA Security+ is a globally recognized credential that validates the baseline skills required to accomplish core security functions and also pursue a career in IT.

Of course, there are so many security certifications that are designed to confirm that a person has the skills and knowledge of performingmajor security functions. But one thing is clear – CompTIA Security+ remains the most sought-after certificate in the IT industry. This simply means that it is different from other entry-level security certifications. But what exactly makes it different? Let’s take a look at these factors:

  • Of all the other credentials that assessthe baseline cybersecurity skills, only CompTIA Security+ has performance-based questions included in its prerequisite exam. It emphasizes hands-on experience that ensures that the security professional is better prepared and able to solve a range of issues.
  • The latest version of CompTIA Security+ mainly covers the job roles of a junior IT auditor or a penetration tester, as well as the previous titlesof asecurity administrator, a network administrator, and a system administrator.
  • More people choose to pursue CompTIA Security+ to meetthe U.S. Department of Defense 8570 compliance as compared to any other available certification in this field.
  • CompTIA Security+ focuses mainly on the latest techniques and trends in risk management, intrusion detection, risk mitigation, and threat management.

There are many more details that should be considered in relation to this certificate and its test, so that you have an idea about them. Let’s take a look at them.

CompTIA Security+ Certification: Main Info

CompTIA PrepAway website here should be one of the first cybersecurity certificates to be obtained by the IT professionals. It establishes the fundamental knowledge required for all cybersecurity roles and also provides a springboard toavailable intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs. The credential incorporates best practices in hands-on troubleshooting in order to ensure that the security specialists have the necessary practical skills to solve any possible problems. Thoseexpertswho havethe Security+ certification not only know how to identify any incidents but also are in a position to address them.

But please note that the recommended experience for pursuing CompTIA Security+ is having the CompTIA Network+ credential and two years of experience in Information Technology administration with a focus on security.

CompTIA SY0-501 Exam: All Details

Launched on October 4, 2017, the CompTIA Security+ exam (SY0-501) certifies that the candidate has the skills and knowledge required todo to the following:

  • Configure and install systems to secure applications, devices, and networks;
  • Operate with an awareness of applicable regulations, laws, and policies;
  • Participate in risk-mitigating activities and perform threat analysis;
  • Respond with appropriate mitigation techniques.

The students will perform these technical tasks to support the principles of availability, integrity, and confidentiality .

As for the examstructure, there isa maximum of 90 questions in every delivery of the CompTIA SY0-501 certification test. Some of them are performance-based while others can be of a multiple-choice type. The length of the exam is 90 minutes and your score should be more than 750 points on a scale of 100 to 900 marks. Itis available in many languages to ensure that the test is accessible to as many IT professionals as possible around the world. Generally, you can take it in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, orPortuguese.

If you want to earn CompTIA Security+, you will have to pass the required test that is meant to help you develop various skills. Some of the main areas you will learn through this certification track have been highlighted below:

  • Threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks

When studying for CompTIA SY0-501, you will learn various types of compromise and how to detect them. You will also have an understanding of vulnerability scanning concepts and penetration scanning concepts.

  • Cryptography and PKI

Through the CompTIA Security+ certification program, you will gain the skills required to install and configure wireless security settings. You will also learn how to implement the public key infrastructure.

  • Risk management

Passing the CompTIA SY0-501 exam demonstrates that you have gained the knowledge of risk management. You will be able to summarize and implement risk management best practices as well as the business impact.

  • Identity and access management

Through CompTIA Security+, you will learn how to install and configure identity and access services, as well as management controls.

  • Architecture and design

It is another skill set learned through this CompTIA credential. Earning it demonstrates that you have the capacity to implement secure network architecture concepts as well as systems design.

  • Technologies and tools

TheCompTIA Security+ certificationpath focuses on security technologies and tools. Through this program, you will know how to install, configure, and deploy network components while troubleshooting and accessing issues to support security of any organization.

CompTIA SY0-501 Exam: Preparation Process

As mentioned earlier, you have to pass CompTIA SY0-501 if you want to obtain the Security+ credential. It is a complicated exam with a number of topics that can be complicated to understand. However, with great study materials, you can easily have a grasp of all the concepts measured in this certification test.

Thus, CompTIA offers the examinees a wealth of preparation resources created to succeed. You can take the training courses recommended by the vendor to study for your exam. In addition, you can also use other prep tools sourced from various platforms. PrepAway is one of thosesites you can trust to get the most helpful study materials that are verified by the experts in the IT industry.

CompTIA Security+ Certification: Career Options

There is a wide range of jobs that the Security+ certificate holders can get. These roles include the following:

  • Systems Administrator;
  • Security Consultant;
  • Network Administrator;
  • Security Specialist;
  • Security Administrator;
  • Security Engineer;
  • Security Consultant;
  • Security Specialist;
  • Junior IT Auditor/Penetration Tester.


The CompTIA Security+ certification and itsexam have been updated to better reflect today’s best practices, particularly in the areasof risk mitigation and risk management. With this credential, the employers and peers across the IT industry, especially in the cybersecurity field, will trustyou. There are a lot more benefits that you can get after obtainingthis CompTIA certificate. Just earn it and you will see them with your own eyes.