As the number of patients affected by coronavirus is increasing, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah ordered to set-up an isolation center at the PAF Museum located on Shahra-e-Faisal consisting of 1000 beds.

COVID-19 is getting out of control these days. All the COVID-19 patients will be given proper treatment and the isolation center is said to be operated by the Sindh Health officials. The decree has been issued to set-up an isolation center at the PAF Museum located on Shahra-e-Faisal consisting of 1000 beds.

Also, Murad Ali Shah has ordered to buy all the important equipment needed in the quarantine center.

This step of setting up another quarantine center is a measure to prevent the outbreak of the deadly virus. The tally of the confirmed COVID-19 cases raised up to 7000 in Sindh which means it surpassed the count of Punjab.

The CM also asked for Community surveillance in order to measure the impact and spread of the virus. CM Shah in a video statement told the tally of the province which has increased to 7,102. So he asked the relevant authorities to keep checking the community.

The province already has an isolation center consisting of 1200 beds, which was set-up last month jointly by the Federal Government and Sindh Government in collaboration with the Pakistan army at the Expo center.

The staff working at the quarantine center is provided with proper boarding and dining facilities. They are required to stay in the quarantine areas as a preventive measure for fifteen days. The entire staff goes through regular medical check-ups and their cabins are also disinfected regularly.

There are thousands of volunteers who had registered themselves in order to provide assistance for running the isolation center.

A notification issued by the department reads that all tertiary-care hospitals that are already treating novel coronavirus patients with moderate to severe symptoms are strictly advised to continue treating them in their isolation wards and critical care units.

The officials said they had received huge quantities of medicines and other required stuff, while scores of volunteers and welfare organizations had come forward to support the patients and the staff deployed at the isolation center.