Imran applauds the scientific community for medical equipment like PPE and products manufactured by the public and the private sector organizations. He lauded the efforts of the science and technology ministry’s in this regard.

Prime Minister appreciates the efforts of the scientific community and engineers. He appreciates the production of the cost-effective production of PPE to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. He said Pakistan could export sanitizers and disinfectants “after meeting our local requirement”.

He said that seven types of ventilators, designed by the Pakistan Engineering Council were in the clinical trial stage, while the National University of Science and Technology had developed its own testing kit. He added the textile sector was producing protective gear “beyond our domestic consumption”.

Defense Production Minister Zubaida Jalal said that her ministry had achieved the capability to produce around 300,000 to 400,000 liters of sanitizers, 35,000 high-quality masks, and 400-500 protective suits per day.

“After the emergence of Covid-19, we mobilized our teams working under the Defence Production Ministry to prepare safety equipment,” she said. “We made all the production possible with our own resources,” she added

Pakistan will be self-sufficient in the production of PPE soon and as well as in the production of ventilators.

The first step to check the quality of PPE is to conduct testing to assess the compliance with relevant test standards. Harmonized standards have been published for the PPE directive and compliance provides a presumption of conformity with the EHSR of the Directive.

In addition to the testing, the harmonized standards also describe the requirements for User Information and Product Marking.