Radio Pakistan starts distance learning for Gilgit, Skardu children

National NCHD and Alight Pakistan in partnership with the Education Department of Gilgit-Baltistan have started online distance learning educational programs on Radio Pakistan and FM channels for children same as Tele School Channel.

Radio Pakistan starts distance learning for Gilgit, Skardu childrenCountry Head, Alight Pakistan Dr Tariq Cheema said during a meeting with NCHD Chairman Col (retd) Dr Ameerullah Marwat that the radio programmes would be aired on FM-93 Radio Pakistan and FM-91 Gilgit and Skardu 2 p.m and at Radio Pakistan’s Medium Waves 1512 kilohertz at 7 pm under the named as Muallim.

Dr Tariq Cheema further said that it would benefit hundreds of children who were unable to attend regular school classes due to lockdown in the wake of global Coronavirus pandemic. Besides, it will be live-streamed on the facebook pages of FM-93 and FM-91 channels, respectively.

Recordings of these educational programmes would be available for download from facebook page and youtube channel of Alight Pakistan.

The online distance learning initiative by the Alight Pakistan, NCHD and Gilgit-Baltistan Education Department would cater to educational needs of children in Grade-I, II and III as they would be taught subjects of Urdu, English, Mathematics and General Science with special focus on health and hygiene in unique story-telling and easy-to-understand style by qualified and trained teachers even in hard-to-reach remote areas to ensure equity in teaching.

Dr Tariq Cheema added that schools and colleges have been closed down and children are forced to stay at home due to Coronavirus, this online distance learning initiative will help children keep themselves engaged with their studies.

NCHD chairman said that as the uncertainty about containment of pandemic and resultant lockdown prolongs, this distance learning initiative will mitigate the educational loss of children due to the closure of institutions and provide them with a learning opportunity at their homes.

The Alight Pakistan and Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training had already begun a countrywide initiative in association with ‘Educate A Child’ (EAC) program.